Every Chef’s Dream Kitchen Layout

Whether you’re cooking up a storm for guests or simply putting together a simple tea for your family, it’s important that your kitchen looks and feels the part. You might have some clear ideas concerning what constitutes a great cooking space, and you’re not alone. Chefs up and down the land, from seasoned pro’s to enthusiastic amateurs, have strong opinions on this issue. Here are a few key features that all keen cooks look for in their kitchen design.

Attractive and practical counter space, and lots of it!

Plentiful counter space is essential in any hardworking kitchen. In fact, chefs are often more concerned about this than they are about their ovens and cooktops. The fact is, without plenty of room to chop, mix and knead, it’s tricky to turn out tasty dishes. Of course, worktops need to be robust and they should look the part. Solid wood versions are a particular hit among kitchen connoisseurs because of their natural beauty and longevity. For example, iroko worktops look stunning and they can stand the test of time.

Savvy storage solutions

Lots of storage is a must in these spaces too. For those lucky enough to have the necessary square footage, walk-in pantries represent the ultimate in kitchen storage. Meanwhile, well designed and planned cabinets and shelves are a necessity in all cooking areas. Lots of chefs like open units because they provide easy access to kitchen essentials. Also, wall hooks for utensils are also a popular design feature.

A sizeable sink, or two

Big sinks feature high up on the list of kitchen necessities as well. Ideally, these basins should be large enough to accommodate a sizeable stack of pots. For some chefs, one sink isn’t enough. Instead, they favour two basins positioned side by side. There’s certainly a lot to be said for this approach. After all, if you have two sinks, you can use one for washing vegetables and reserve the other for cleaning dishes.

A large oven and hob

If you’ve ever bought a Christmas turkey or a new roasting dish only to discover it’s too large to fit in your oven, or you’ve run out of shelf space while cooking a meal, you’ll understand the frustrations caused by undersized cooking equipment. It’s little wonder then that chefs are so keen to have large ovens and hobs. Lots of cooks swear by double ovens and six-ring hobs. This makes cooking big or complex meals much easier.

Gadgets galore

Of course, no cook’s kitchen would be complete without an impressive array of gadgets. It’s now simple to get hold of everything from citrus juicers and microplane graters to food processors and stand mixers, and products like these are an essential feature of the modern kitchen.




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