Framing the Perfect Sleep


Modern romantic Scandinavian design Sleep Therapy woodland fairy tale
Modern romantic Scandinavian design Sleep Therapy woodland fairy tale

Bed frames don’t get the respect they deserve. Mattresses and bed linens attract endless attention with things like sleep numbers, scientifically advanced coils and thread counts in the thousands, but the frame is the structure upon which all the other elements rest. The frame of your bed plays a pivotal role in quality of sleep and the aesthetic style of your bedroom.


Bedrooms are often considered places of sanctuary; that private space in which to retreat, rest and snuggle up. But bed frames should also should be a reflection of your tastes and personal style, so that it remains somewhere that feels like your own. Here are a few frame options for your bed that consider materiality, storage needs and style.






Minimalist and contemporary decor schemes would likely accommodate metal frames for their clean lines and simple elegance. Whether vintage or modern, the detailing of many metal bed frames make them appear sleek and light, lifting the bed off the ground and creating space underneath for additional storage.


Timber has long been a popular material choice for all sorts of bedrooms. Wood frames are traditional and somewhat neutral meaning they can fit in easily with a range of styles. Timber frames can be strong and sturdy or sleek and simple depending on the design. One of the best things about wooden frames is that they can incorporate storage into the design via under-bed drawers, which makes it easier to maintain a spacious and uncluttered look in the bedroom.




Storage Styles


One step beyond storage frames are Ottoman frames in which the mattress rests on a hinge that swings up creating an entire storage area beneath the bed. This is a great frame solution for small rooms and people in need of economical and efficient storage options in the home.


For a frame that provides even more storage, consider a loft frame. This design lifts the actual bed well above the ground creating open space underneath which is ideal for a work or play area depending on specific needs. Many children’s bedroom benefit from the extra room a loft bed allows.




Get inspired


The latest trends in bed frame design are not all inspired by the modern world. Get creative with your bedroom style and take your cue from traditional Mexican fabrics and carved wooden inlays, or escape to your own fairytale with a romantic four poster design and sheer drapes. Or, for a general vintage feel, think distressed wooden bed frames, accessorised with things like patchwork quilts or sepia photographs.


As beds are typically the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, they naturally become the focal point of a design scheme. Materiality and functionality are of the utmost importance in conjuring the perfect bedroom style so try to balance the two to get the most relaxing, uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing experience.


Image by Wicker Paradise, used under Creative Comms license





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