It’s A Jumble Out There!

I saw on Facebook a picture of a tape cassette and a pencil with reference to how the youth of today will never understand the beauty of this relationship. Stored inside a dresser, in my dining room, are boxes of CD another virually obselete music solution. We never play CDs as we now use i-Tunes for all our music needs with i-Pods, i-Pads, i-Phones all jacked into various speaker ensembles.

A pal of mine saw on Facebook that I was thinking of selling my CD’s on this site called Music Magpie. It turns out that he is a music magpie himself. He was in my CD cupboard before you could say ‘Bob’s your uncle’ like a child in a sweet shop. He was almost drooling as he scattered them across the floor. Hunched like Gollum, he rooted through collection working out what was ‘his precious’. Apparently he loves CD’s – the box, the disc and the inlay cards. I guess this physical, tactile relationship with an inanimate object is an experience that the digital world can’t replicate. I guess it will be collectors, who will extend their life longer, as they become relegated to the annals of time and the world becomes more and more digitised.

I like to recycle whenever possible and reduce my carbon footprint if I can. I exchange children’s clothing hand me downs with my friends. Children have this habit of growing out of clothes as quickly as you buy or gain it for them, so buying new clothes seems almost futile. But sometimes there are garments that have only been worn once or never worn at all and they are worth selling. It’s worth selling clothes online if they are in good nick, a coveted brand or you have many in good enough condition to be a valuable collection, or bargain job lot. If not, it’s into bags and off to the charity shop or jumble sale they must go. Jumble everywhere that needs to be constantly circulated as we grow and change.

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