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As all parents know, getting five minutes to yourself to relax in your home can often be a rare occurrence. That’s why when we do get time, you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible in your surroundings. Here are a few ways you can maximise comfort in your home.

The most important place for you to feel comfortable in your home has to be the bedroom. If you’ve got a younger child you might not be getting too many hours of uninterrupted sleep so it’s important that you’re able to get off to sleep as soon as you lie down. Make sure you have a mattress that suits your comfort level, whether that’s firm or soft. If you’re sharing a bed with your partner who is a different size to you, your mattress might not be offering the support you need. If you have a traditional open coil mattress, invest in a good pocket spring mattress as these spread the support your mattress provides evenly over all of your body. Experts also recommend you replace your mattress every seven years, so if you’ve got an old one it’s maybe time to replace it.

A place of peacefulness
A place of peacefulness

As well as making what you’re sleeping on is comfortable, it’s important to make sure your home is a comfortable temperature. Invest in some good radiators that can each be turned on and off separately so everyone in your home has the level of warmth that is comfortable to them. VeriSmart heating have a heating calculator on their website that can help you decide what and how many radiators you need in your home. It’ll ask you a few questions and then recommend some products from their wide range of energy efficient radiators that will suit your home.

Now you’ve got the right mattress and warmth, you’ll now want the right level of light to help you relax in your home. Dimming switches are a great way that you can turn the lighting down enough so you can relax in the evenings when your little one has gone to bed. They can give you just the right level of light to create a relaxing atmosphere but still give off enough light for you to be able to see your book or TV remote. If you don’t want to splash out on an electrician, why not fill your home with lamps to set the mood instead. You could even be a bit creative and make your own lamps by arranging some fairy lights in a class vase or bowl.

There are some smaller things you can do that’ll make a big difference as well. If you ever get a morning where the children are having a sleepover, make sure you make the most of your lay in by buying some black out blinds or curtains for your room. Invest in some storage where you can put away all of your child’s toys instead of having them clutter the house whilst they are asleep. Also make sure that your house is always smelling pleasant by buying a battery or plug in air freshener that is set to go off at different intervals during the day.

Whatever you do, make sure your home is as much of an inner sanctuary for relaxation as possible because you deserve it.


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