My Beautiful Boudoir

My bedroom is my castle, my sanctuary and a place of peace. As I live in a rented house and have spent years moving around living in military quarters, I can’t be bothered to paint the walls and so I am stuck with magnolia. Instead to fulfil my bedroom decorating ideas I have decided to adorn it with a wonderful ensemble of pieces that provide special memories and moments for me.

My sunken bedroom

My sunken bedroom

The bed was the bed I bought after the birth of my first child, when my husband and I had outgrown the bed we bought when we wedded. It is a giant bedstead be reminiscent of the one in the Disney film, ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks.’ It is the bed of my childhood dreams, as I nursed my babies propped up at night, thinking about bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briney sea.

The colour scheme for my room was determined by a painting by my son did when he was at nursery school. I loved the way the brushes randomly connected, squiggling, and so in homage to his painting I created a colour scheme for my bedroom.


A few years later, by some miracle, my daughter made a feather collection with twigs and sparkles that matched my bedroom colours perfectly.


Once the palette was set and then I became a collector. The pink and turquoise satins that sit on my dresser I picked up in a market on a trip to Dubai. The floral jug, bowl and potty belonged to my mother, who passed 41 years ago and on the dresser is a jewellery box and brush set that belonged to my nana. As I child I used to sit and play with them. I’d dress up in her scarves and put rouge on my cheeks and lips. She would declare that I looked just like Elizabeth Taylor.

Recently at Christmas auctions I stumbled across four antique fashion prints which blended well with an antique railway poster of Swanage, a place we love to visit as a family which mixes town and coast. It reminds me of ‘Sunny Prestatyn’ by Philip Larkin, a bawdy poem I studied for A’level at school.


“Come to Sunny Prestatyn Laughed the girl on the poster, Kneeling up on the sand In tautened white satin. Behind her, a hunk of coast, a Hotel with palms Seemed to expand from her thighs and Spread breast-lifting arms.”


Of course, what bedroom is complete without a soft furry throw and two sleeping kittens. Like I said at the beginning; my bedroom is my castle, my sanctuary and a place of peace.





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