Speedy Home with the Broadband Emphasis on Speed and the Emphasis on Home

At BT, we would like to talk to you a bit about Home Broadband, where we put the emphasis on “home.” And we mean a home with Broadband speed in it.

A Speedy Home?
Now, our trying to put more speed in your home isn’t really what you’d call a soft sell, or any kind of sell at all—but we know we primarily serve families, and we want you to know what your family can expect from us.

First of all, and probably most important, we give entertainment, and we do it fast. We do this by increasing the speed of your home video and music system, and fine-tuning the quality, without upping the package price. And every family whose entertainment life has been, shall we say, given a “nudge” by our speed professionals has found great music and video experiences at home every night, and they found them immediately.

We Make It Fun to Come Home
That’s really why Broadband exists—to make your home more inviting, more fun and more of a joy to come home to. We know you work mighty hard for the shekels that keep the family going; the last thing you need is a broken down sound system or fuzzy video signal when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite programme or concert.

And there’s also nothing worse than waiting for a molasses-in-January almighty slow download of a favorite video or song. That’s why we want to make sure your family’s system is—well, up to speed.

A Speedy Home Is A Happy Home
Broadband speed means quick internet connections and signal receiving. It means you can settle into your favorite chair or love seat or couch with the kiddos and the significant other and relax. You can go with bop, Beethoven or Beatles to get concerts in any style and any music range; you can see a first-run flick, like a night at the cinema, but with none of the smells, the sticky floors and the ticket prices. It means that a family enjoying Broadband speeds—with our Superfast BT Infinity package, for instance—can count down to a new film, favorite TV programme or selection of music in milliseconds.

Our Broadband packages, like the Superfast BT Infinity, get you onto the internet eight times faster than any other system in the UK—and getting into the system faster gets you into the episode, film or concert piece that much faster also.
And that’s why we say a speedy home is a happy home.

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