Where’s The Best Place To Install Your Home’s Solar Panels?

Where’s The Best Place To Install Your Home’s Solar Panels?

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Rooftops are the first place you may consider regarding solar panel installation in your home. And it makes perfect sense, as the rooftop is usually the best place to get an inhibited supply of sunlight. But what many people do not realise is that there are several places you can install solar panels in your home, including your roof. The ideal places will depend on your building, location, and how much space you have. So, are you considering switching to solar energy? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Your rooftop— the most common place

The rooftop is the most popular location choice for solar panel installation. But to get the most sunlight supply, you need to position the panels where they will receive the most light. Most experts advise that you position your panels south-facing towards the sun. However, even the west and east-facing rooftops can accumulate enough solar energy. The only problem is that you might lose approximately 15% of energy efficiency if your rooftop is west east-facing. Living in a region with irregular access to direct sunlight can also affect your solar power generation. You can rely on companies like All Seasons Energy to install panels that generate enough solar power even if you don’t get enough sun supply in your location. 

  1. The ground 

If your rooftop is not an ideal option, you can always consider mounting your solar panels on the ground. Again, the most important thing here is that the panels receive enough sunlight. So, you need to make sure that the panels are angled to the south. The only disadvantage with ground installation is that you’ll most likely have to deal with many obstacles. One, structures casting shades could cut down your energy supply. And two, the ground makes the panels easily accessible to thieves, animals, etc. It helps to ensure that trees and other structures do not block sunlight from reaching your panels if you opt for ground installation. 

  1. Building integration 

What if you live in an apartment building with no privacy in terms of ground or rooftop space? Well, you have a third option— building integration installation. Here, you can find ways to integrate your solar panels onto your building’s structure. For example, if you have enough external wall space, a solar panel installation company can find ways to fix the panels onto the walls at angles that make it easy to receive sunlight. You can also consider your windows if they face the sun. These options are tricky, so it’s advisable to work with experts to get the best results without compromising your building’s structural integrity. Plus, you may need special equipment to make these installations – equipment only expert installation services may have. 

If all the three options above do not work for you, you can look into some solar panel alternatives like solar lights, sun tunnels, solar shingles, etc. You may also want to consider joining a community solar initiative in your location. And if you live in temporary or rented accommodation, you can consider investing in mobile solar panels. 

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