Real Life: Ban Marriage – Civil Partnerships For All

A heterosexual couple has won their ruling by the Supreme Court, enabling them to enter into a civil partnership instead of marriage – which previously they were denied.

The court ruled that The Civil Partnerships Act 2004 – which only entitles same-sex couples to such a union – is not compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld wanted legal recognition for their relationship but not with the “patriarchal baggage” of a marital union and the Supreme Court’s ruling overturns last year’s rejection of the couple’s claim by the Court of Appeal. This does not make civil partnerships legal for heterosexual couples but simply increases the chances of being passed into law.

A few years ago President Obama apparently said he didn’t mind if same sex people get married. Same sex people that want to get married are really pleased. When I heard this my initial thought was ‘why an earth would anyone want to get married? It’s a honey trap.” I think same sex lovers should lobby for the abolishment of marriage altogether so that we can create a legal covenant which creates ‘equal partnerships’.

Then I spoke to a gay man who was a barrister and he said that it wasn’t about ‘marriage’ but more about ‘equal rights’. Equal rights of inheritance or bedside rights in hospital if the same sex partner is terminally ill or even just poorly.

A few months ago I read an article about the myth of common law wifeand cohabitation in Good Housekeeping and I realised that law is so far behind the thoughts, patterns and intellectual progression of the people.

Marriage has evolved through faith and chattelbut in a secular world with the freedom to choose our own belief systems I think marriage itself should be obsolete. I think we need a legal covenant, or template contract, to give partners, same sex or otherwise, a form of civil union based on equal and agreed rights that is not called marriage but partnership.

For me it’s not about rights to marry but rights of partnership. I say ban marriage and then create a legal partnership, which reflects the needs of two adults that wish to unite their lives regardless of their sexual orientation. #BanMarriage


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