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The military takes all comers. No matter your background, the military meets you at your level and lays out the next steps. Everybody starts somewhere, but the military makes sure all raw recruits end up at the same place. With such a rigid structure in place, you will reach a point where you begin to think you know a lot of the answers. From advising new recruits on how to make their bed in the morning to teaching the self-discipline of maintaining a focused mind under pressure, there are rules and guidelines for everything. But what about once you’ve given or received your last order? There are things to arrange, and this time, you’re on your own. Or are you?

If you face veteran legal matters, get in touch with a lawyer. Your queries could encompass a wide range of scenarios for which you think there may be few answers. Suffice to say that many have come before in similar situations, and there will be many more who tread in your footsteps. You are not alone.

Veteran legal matters

For now, let’s look at why you may need to speak to a lawyer.

Employment benefits
By speaking to somebody qualified in the legal arena of veteran’s entitlements, you could discover that you are entitled to a range of veteran’s employment benefits. For example, you could find that you qualify for veteran unemployment compensation, veterans’ small and disadvantaged business assistance, and job training programs.

Again, many ex-service personnel may not realize that they may be entitled to a pension – the first barrier to receiving a veteran’s pension is whether you were discharged from the armed services under anything other than honorable circumstances. Next, the amount to which you may be entitled will be assessed and calculated on the basis of income and living conditions: depending on your yearly income and factors such as whether you are housebound and whether you have any dependants (and the number of dependants), the rate will vary.

Help with the costs of care
Many veterans are not aware that depending on their circumstances, they may qualify for financial relief towards the cost of a nursing home. If you have been considering the costs of such care, and if you have experienced the stress of thinking that you may have to sell your home, your car, or even a business or any other possessions, do your research regarding the likelihood of being accepted for financial relief.

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