A quick introduction..

.. Clare has kindly asked me if I’d like to post the occasional blog.

I won’t be posting about weekends away (although this Saturday, I will be spending a couple of days here with my girl), making jam or choosing trendy wellies.. or like Clare seems to do; casually hanging out with the rich and famous.  But I do hope to be sharing financial planning information with you.  Why?  Because for most of the time you traipse around the globe, Hampshire or Lincs – you’ll be isolated geographically, physically, metaphorically from ‘normal’ society.  And even if you live out and have a semblance of normality about your life, the chances are your partner who might be serving, won’t be as lucky.  Such is the side effect of the pace of operational tempo these days.

I know from personal experience that the non serving ‘wives/husbands of’ are the oft unrecognised heroes and heroines, organising work services and march outs, taking the kids to school, replacing light bulbs, keeping the fridge full and balancing the books.  Often done too, while your other half is in a different time zone.  How do I know this?  Because I know what life is like on your side of the wire.  I joined up in the early 80s and spent 20 years as a ‘rockape‘, serving in the RAF Regiment (does anyone recognise my favourite home for the best part of 4 years?).   305706_173453659400257_100002068718995_394749_2079397246_nI know that I didn’t give a second thought to what my retirement would look like, what the military pension would give me, how much protection I’d need and how to save or invest properly for my future, or my children’s education.  I was just always too busy and the only people I chatted with were people in the same boat as me, and invariably in some area of conflict where the pros and cons of tax efficient investing weren’t always on the tips of our tongues.

I won’t be offering financial advice here, but I hope to at least awaken some thinking.   I can do it from a position of credibility though; I read, listened, learned, revised and sweated ink at night to become a stockbroker before eventually earning my qualification as an Independent Financial Adviser.  I decided to start a business (just as the credit crunch hit, great planning huh?) and it has evolved to the extent that these days, practically all of my clients are serving military officers and their families.  I hope you find my posts useful, helpful, stimulating and to an extent, worrying.  If you need information, if I can offer it then just jot down some questions here, or better still, like the page in case you know someone else who might benefit.  If you need a more direct exchange, then this is Echelon Wealthcare, my company.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I have 4 life insurance policies to get on risk this morning, invest some money for someone and work out the cost of Flying Pay Protection for a client.  And all before lunch – the boiler is getting serviced this afternoon and I want the place all cushty before tonight’s 80’s night on Channel 4.  Bring on the Keo and JP Chenet!

Nice meeting you.




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