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Capricorns named UK’s most ambitious workers and Pisces most loyal


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Capricorns named UK’s most ambitious workers and Pisces most loyal

  • Ambitious Capricorn workers have the highest salary expectations
  • Piscean employees are the most loyal workers of all
  • Study of over 1m UK workers reveals how star sign impacts on salary expectations and job loyalty

Capricorns are the most ambitious workers in the UK and Pisces are the most loyal according to new research carried out by leading jobs site

The study, which examined how the star signs of more than one million workers impacted on salary expectations and job loyalty, has found that Capricorns, who are known for a drive to succeed, out-rank the other 11 star signs with an average minimum salary expectation of around £22,400. Male Capricorns are particularly ambitious, aiming to earn £24,000, and workers who are Sagittarius have been shown to be the least ambitious star sign, expecting a minimum salary of less than £22,200 for their next role.

When it comes to job loyalty, Pisces workers come out on top, sticking with each job for two and a half years, reflecting the star sign’s characteristic selflessness and desire to help others. With Scorpios known for their curiosity, it is perhaps not surprising they like to change jobs quickest of all, with women in this group moving on after just two years.

Michael Cheary at, said: “It’s interesting to see Capricorns come out top for ambition, with this sign known for its keen focus on goals – an important personality trait for successful jobseekers and employees looking to make their mark. Employers are always looking for loyal workers and perhaps some of them will be keeping a closer eye out for Pisces, who topped the poll.

“When it comes to the workplace though, whether you’re a Gemini, known for being intellectual, or you have the natural charisma found in Leos, there’s a job for everyone. It’s all about finding out about and developing your personal skills and matching it with the best job for you.”

Keen astrologists will point out that the findings reflect Capricorns ambitious and goal-oriented personalities, motivated by a desire for success, status, money and position. Capricorns success stories include Kate Middleton, Elvis Presley and Jeff Bezos the founder of online retail giant, Amazon. Famous Pisceans include Steve Jobs, who spent most of his working life pioneering Apple computers, and Justin Beiber famed for his devotion to his ‘Beliebers’.

capricorn, horoscope, ambition
Capricorn the most ambitious star sign

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