What’s Love got to do with it? Cheaper to Cheat than Divorce

I have just received this revolting press release which simply states that divorce is not cost effective and so it’s more cost effective to stay married in an unhappy relationship and have an affair then it is to get divorced. Indeed, everyone should conduct themselves with complete and utter disregard for another human being’s feelings and a lack for respect for another human being and put finances above all else. I’m not advocating divorce but I am huge fan of not being an asshole! So here’s some advice for those of you that are unhappily married and contemplating an affair, do something, anything but don’t have an affair, and do stop yourself from being a complete and utter Dick. This advice is free!



Read it and weep fellow humans. I’d love to hear your thoughts or am I just being a sentimental old humanitarian?

Cheaters say staying married is a great financial decision

  • 82% of people are terrified  the financial horror that comes with a divorce
  • 4 out of every 10 cheaters say fear of loneliness stops them from divorcing
  • 60% of people also say they stay married because they are ‘best friends’


The majority of marriages don’t end happily ever after, however according to revealing results from a new survey, being best friends with your partner, harboring a fear of loneliness or your mutual bank account might just save your relationship.

The survey, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating website for married or attached people looking to cheat – asked 4,517 of its male and female members what their main reasons for not divorcing are.

The main reason for not divorcing is the fear of loneliness; with 4 out of every 10 people saying the thought of being alone terrifies them. Consideration for children and not breaking up the family unit comes a close second, according to just under a quarter of survey respondents.

Divorce often has huge financial implications: a whopping 82% of cheaters say it would be easier to stay in a loveless marriage than face the financial horror that comes as part of the divorce package. Alimony payments and housing/rental arrangements are just the beginning of consequential money troubles.

There are some deal-breakers however, that would guarantee instant divorce. Physical or mental abuse would see 85% of cheaters sign the separation papers immediately. 70% say they might reach their limit and not be able to bear co-existence any longer.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said divorce might seem like an easy way out to many, but when it comes down to the details, staying married is easier.

“Freedom comes at a huge price, and when there are children and investments involved, often it becomes easier not to rock the boat and just stay married. Cheaters say money and loneliness are the number one reasons they don’t divorce, but for 6 out of every 10 it’s not so bad – they love their partner as a friend,” Mr Vedal said.

Victoria Milan is one of the world’s leading discreet social networks for men and women seeking a secret affair. The service was launched by happily married media executive Mr. Sigurd Vedal in 2010, and has today become one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading social networks for discreet extramarital affairs, surpassing 6 million members worldwide in more than 33 countries.


4,517 male and female members of Victoria Milan polled


What is your main reason for not divorcing?

Loneliness scares me – 42%

My children – 23%

I’m afraid of what my family and others will think – 18%

Financial issues – 17%


What other reasons influence your decision not to get divorced? (multiple choice)

We love each other as friends – 60%

Being unfaithful achieved a good balance – 55%

The fear of being wrong – 40%

I fear not finding anyone else – 38%

The uncertain future – 25%


Did monetary issues influence your decision to not leave your partner?

Yes – 82%

No – 18%


What would make you ask for divorce without hesitation? (multiple choice)

Physical or mental abuse – 85%

Being in love with another person – 65%

The co-existence becomes unbearable – 70%

That he/she is being unfaithful  – 55%



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