AMMMTV – Domestic F*ckwittery – Baking Disaster!!!

Did I mention that I made a pilot TV show?

I may have mentioned once, or perhaps a gazillion times, that I made a TV show!!! Finally, I have uploaded it to You Tube so you have no excuse but to godamn mother f*cking watch it – am I clear? *Best authoritative voice* I need to get the hits up to a billion so please can you make all your friends watch it too and maybe some people you don’t know!

I am not a domestic goddess but a domestic disaster zone!!


Click on the image to hot foot over to my You Tube channel and have a litte watch – maybe even comment if you fancy it:


  1. Most enjoyable video. I like the pragmatic approach to sustainable living which is more a case of giving it a damn good shot and see how far we get. I only have admiration for you.

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