AMMMTV – The first UK IPTV Parent Blogging Channel #ComingSoon

Dear Cash Fairy,

I am looking for investors, or sponsors, for my IPTV Channel. I think it will be the UK first parent blogger IPTV channel. I need to raise between £50K – £100k in either investment or sponsorship revenue to make 10 x 25 minute episodes. Do you think you can help? And if so, what would you need from me to help articulate the proposition to potential investors or brands.

Please email me:

AMMMTV is set in my rented house in Wiltshire – I have two kids, a cat, 13 chickens and am about to get some more pigs.

I am partnering with a company called SimpleStream – who have agreed to provide the IPTV platform.

I am working with a local guy to shoot the pilot.

We are shooting a pilot on the 28th April:

It will be four features:

In the love seat – chatting with the shire folk
In the kitchen – cooking 3 course lunch in 20 minutes
In the dining room – a round table debate
In the garden – music, animals and gardening

We are also shooting an intro feature and a trailer.

The USP between me and other media providers is that it will be honest content where we make mistakes and get it wrong and sometimes right.

It will be a bit rough, ready and chaotic – minimum takes. Like life. I am not Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall or Nigella Lawson. I am just an ordinary person who can’t bake a cupcake or grow a vegetable and this is my journey to learn how easy it really is. I am more Margot than Barbara, or maybe Bargot, a cross between the two!! The Good Life was a sitcom – I am doing this for real.

I communicate across various platforms:

I run a blog called A Modern Military Mother –

I have a You Tube Channel –

I tweet at:!/amodmilitarymum

I have various Facebook pages and accounts:

I am building a brand:

Here’s some videos I made earlier:

I attended a local shoot:

I met Tim Hetherington the British Journalist, killed in Libya

I interview my husband before he deployed to Afghanistan.

and then when he returned:

I also have columns with In The Powder Room, Wiltshire Life and RAF News.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Big Love,

AMMM xxx

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