Are you a PhArt Lover?

I am very juvenile. I can’t help it! I have tried to be more mature but I keep being overwhelmed the giggles, when either of my children burps or farts! Yes, it’s true.

I have always loved photography. I dabbled with it as part of my degree and I have worked with some amazing photographers throughout my career and being involved with some award winning photographs. As a child, my walls were adorned with Dosineau and Weegee, and now in adulthood, my walls are still adorned with photographic images in various guises – canvas and print. A few years ago on holiday in Greece we discovered the macro button on our digital camera and have been looking at the world close up ever since.

Three years ago sat in the garden with friends we came up the concept of PhArt. It’s not an original idea but I like it because when you say it out loud it sounds like fart and that makes me snigger. There were infinite amusing possibilities – being a PhArt lover *snigger* – PhArt in the kitchen *snigger* PhArt in the bedroom *snigger* – need I go on! We decided we wanted to start a business called The PhartHouse where we would sell our macro images. That night we bought the URL and kept waiting for a good time to launch it.

You may not know this but I fear two things in life.
1.) Overhead
2.) Commitment

so we needed a solution that would allay these two fears. The challenge was to find a print house that would fulfill the orders for us on an order basis. That solution appeared by the magic of Facebook around five months ago in the form of a fella called Tim Messom.

According to an article copied from The Telegraph this is his tale:

“Tim Messom was on the verge of losing his business and potentially his home after the recession crippled companies across the world.

Only weeks ago the 35-year-old was penniless and being threatened with eviction and forced bankruptcy.

But an innovative idea to use Facebook to find new customers has brought him back from the brink of ruin to hopes of a much brighter future, he said today.

Since he set up the site last month he has gained more than 12,000 followers and at least a hundred orders.

Mr Messom, 35, from Nottingham, ran a business for several years printing his father’s artwork on to canvases to sell to high end shops and restaurants.

But when the credit crunch hit, business dried up and the printer faced financial ruin.

He said: “It was like someone had just turned a tap off. Before I knew it I was in big trouble and my own personal finances had totally disappeared.

“The last 10-12 months have been an absolute nightmare, to the point I was absolutely broke.”

He said he originally set up a Facebook group to tell friends he could print their photographs on to canvases to give as gifts.

But in the face of bankruptcy, he decided to take a much stronger approach – renaming it “Save Tim From Bankruptcy”.

The site offers the same service, creating canvases from pictures and photos, but Tim said he used it to express exactly why he was doing it and how he felt.

“It was uncanny how quickly the words came to me,” he said.

“It was embarrassing but I wanted to say I didn’t want charity, I just want people to know that there’s this group where you can get your pictures put onto canvas and to spread the word.”

The innovative idea won international attention, even spreading to Greece and to soldiers overseas.

Mr Messom said the last-ditch effort has completely turned things around.

He said: “The response was unbelievable. Within a few hours hundreds of people had joined and I had loads of messages of support.

“Within about 48 hours I had my first couple of orders, and they have kept coming in since.”

“I’ve now got two identical groups, with a total membership of about 12,500 people. It’s amazing.

“If it was not for this group, I would be bankrupt by now. This has saved me from that.”

Mr Messom, who lives with his girlfriend, said the dire situation had forced him to seek desperate measures and to “think outside of the box”.

He added: “It was sheer desperation that made me do it, but maybe sometimes when you’re down on your luck you have thoughts you wouldn’t at normal times.

“At the moment using traditional methods often doesn’t work. I think you have to think outside of the box, to try and think of something different.

“You also have to think of something that appeals to people’s better nature, I think I struck a chord with a lot of people.”

This is Tim’s Facebook group – click here
If none of our PhArt takes your fancy then Tim’s your man for good quality canvas prints at great prices for your own stuff.

We are now using Tim to deliver and fulfill our orders and I am delighted to announce today that has gone live and we are now ready to take your orders!

The C-word is coming!! And it’s time to unite the PhArt lovers of the world down at the PhArthaus. I hope you find something that takes your fancy.

Educational Resource:
Colleges online have art
for those of you who also have a passion for art.


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