Bestie Festie Ever – Camp Bestival 26th 27th 28th 29th July

As the summer hoves into view and with the entertainment line-up which includes Happy Mondays, Hot Chip, Kool And the Gang, Chic Featuring Nile Rodgers, Mr. Tumble, The Gruffalo, Shrek, Young British Foodies, Stefan Gates The Gastronaut, Jimmy Carr and so much more, guaranteeing me and The Grenade a fun-packed festi-holiday weekend, all at Camp Bestival HQ have turned their attention to celebrating the world’s foremost sports competition; the Olympic Games! So, they’ll be flying the flag and carrying the torch at Lulworth Castle from opening ceremony and on across the weekend, so we can keep up to speed with all the athletic exertions. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to show off my agility (ahem!) with the Silly Sportsday frolics in the ultimate family environment for Olympian fun.

Taking time out from limbering up, Rob da Bank said: “Team Camp Bestival are mega-excited that the Olympic Games decided to open on the same day as Camp Bestival! We’re rather flattered and are currently pumping some serious iron at Camp HQ in preparation. Whilst we’d rather be in a field having fun with our families than sat at home watching TV, we also know that many people like watching the opening ceremony so we have decided to show it big screen style for anyone who’s up for it. We’ll also have a screen showing the Olympics over the weekend if by some minute chance you aren’t already engaged in some other activity onsite at Camp B! On your marks, get set, go!”

On the evening of Friday 27th July, they’ll be screening the opening ceremony of the Olympics in the Big Top! So we’ll be able to gather together to celebrate this historic occasion and toast to the success of the athletes, whilst not missing out on a minute of fun at Camp Bestival. Wayhey, that’s the best of both worlds! And, of course, they’ll be adding their very own Camp Bestival twists to the proceedings, with alternative commentaries, surprise guests, party antics and a whole bunch of other unexpected moments of silliness. So bring your streamers, blowers, flags and balloons and we’ll create our very own Camp Bestival stadium of colourful carnage!

A Camp Betsival favourite professional wallies, Lost & Found, will be leading their Silly Sportsday action at Camp Bestival this year. With activities taking place at both the Blue Coats tent and a specially prepared track, the much revered Judy Cater & Co will be on hand to ensure silly play is maintained at all times and standing by will also be their multinational team of wonky coaches.

All contestants will begin the games in an oath swearing ceremony, and then the fun will begin! Track events will include, No Sense of Direction Running, Animal Relay, starting with chickens v frogs, Chariots of Fire SlowMo Race and Remote Control Racing – beware of the rewind, fast forward, pause and we are always going to need to see an action replay.

Field events will include, ‘Jaffa’-lin Throwing and Gurny Shot Put, think water balloons and your best strains and gurns! Other events outside of the realms of track and field will include, Synchronised Paddling in our very Olympic pool and Weightlifting, can you ‘snatch’ and ‘clean and jerk’ our assortment of household appliances to be this year’s Camp Bestival Weightlifting champion? There will also be Leider – Hose-Down, Goodminton like badminton but gooder and without the rackets, Hammer-time and if we fancy a very sloppy Sunday why we might slop and slalom down for a Ski Sunday Special?

Tickets are really flying now so if you want to make sure you can join in all the Olympian fun you’re going to have to be quick! And don’t forget there’s 100s of free things for kids to do, comedy, art, glorious food galore and fun around every corner, so make sure you check and our Facebook and Twitter for all the up to the minute news about our fifth Camp Bestival!

I was there in 2009 and it was my first foray into family friendly festivals but my big question was do I have a festival friendly children? It was awesome but this year in 2012 it’s just me and ma boy, The Grenade checking it out. I am very excited all I need is some new wellies and a place to sleep. Watch this space…the countdown begins!!

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