Brit Mums Live & Trollied

There was a lot of trolleying around. I got trollied on the Friday night – ouchie! And then talked about trolls on the Saturday day.

I think that Susanna and Jen did a frickin’ marvellous job – I was so impressed. There was so much great food and free booze. The venue was ‘top drawer’ as they say in the navy. Not to mention booze served by semi-naked men, who I have been reliably informed get their butts out normally – maybe next year.

I hurtled up to that there London town with my partner in crime Wylye Valley Girl and we parked the dented golf in the Da Vinci Car Park in Mayfair next to the Maseratis, Bentleys, Porches, Rolls Royces and other ‘vair spensive’ motors and checked into the RAF Club at Piccadilly. I like to live if I am as rich as oil owning arab even if I am penniless and pulling coins from the side of the sofa! Then we hot hoofed it across town to The Brewery – whoops we were too late for Ruby Wax.

The thing that I love most about Brit Mums Live is that I have come from a world where I wasn’t allowed to mention the blog. Most of my early days of blogging were about being told to shut the fuck up by the military community. Here, I was in a venue of women (dudettes) and some dudes, all being actively encourage to find their voice and even schooled in how to do so. It was incredibly empowering to walk amongst people united by expression. I felt liberated, and this alone was worth celebrating.

Not only was I not hiding my blog addiction under a bushel; but, in fact, I was being asked to contribute to the conference in one of the discussions sessions called Secret & Lies – about bad behaviour online and how to handle it. Bloody brilliant. I was chuffed to be asked and pleased to share my experiences especially if they could help, or benefit, others.

It was a great session and we all enjoyed it. If you want to learn more about my trolling experiences – then you can read all about it in Here Be Dragons

Oh yes and the book what I ghostwrote – Immediate Response by Major Mark Hammond s’up to you tho’ – it’s about war.

It was interesting to walk amongst the ‘Slebbie Bloggers and meet the people behind the titles. I have so much admiration for those who blogs dominate the number 1 slots and the top ten rankings. I am not going to lie I want to be one of them. You see for me blogging is about building a brand. I am in it for the wedge. The challenge is that I can’t afford to give up paid work to dedicate to my blog habit so unless the cashflow fairy comes in and awashes me with wonga it’s going to be a slow, plodding bloggy climb, which looking at the last 18 months will be a stats rollercoaster of troughs and peaks. I am also fascinated about the journey because it’s a huge learning curve and like any trial and error business – every day is a school day that’s for sure. Look I know that most of you just do it because you love it but I like to be honest – I want to make some cashola.

It was great to be courted by brands and I was randomly chucking business cards into the pants of any brand that wanted one. I branded my self up in my brand so that my little pink wings could be seen by all. In some ways it was an experiment in branding. I can forsee at time where blogging conferences become like Nascar and bloggers walk with branded entourages, like Puff Daddy and J-lo – demanding riders of only blue M&Ms. It’s not quite there yet and me in my A Modern Military Mother branded clothing (buy your t-shirts here!) does not an entourage make.

It was a first for me and it has left me wanting more. I met some smashing people and was introduced to blogs and characters that star appeal shines through.

For me, I am going to give a big shout out to:
The Mummy Whisperer
Ministry of Mum
Her Melness Speaks Out
More Than Just A Mother
Downs Side Up
Red Ted Art

Thank you for the gifts you gave me this weekend. I will cherish them and grow because of them.

Cherry Healey was great too – it was interesting to hear her speak. Of course, I am going to become her stalker to see if I can get her to help me get my Blogger TV series AMMMTV off the ground – did I mention the last chance to see it is:

Anyway thank you #Britmumslive – I can’t wait until next year. Count me in and let me know if you need me to do anything…..seriously anything…


    1. Yes and you – albeit briefly. Perhaps there needs to be a blogger spa week. I am exhausted! #aged

  1. Great to meet you…although I can’t remember exactly what we talked about in All Bar One, but I think there was some juicy goss! I have a pic of you on my blog…it’s a good ‘un! x

    1. OMG!! I can’t remember what we talked about either! I look like such a twat! Hilarious! That was the height of my trollied-ness 🙂 Let’s do it again next year! xxx

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