Dressing for the Casino From a Mother’s Point of View

Dressing for the Casino From a Mother’s Point of View

When considering holiday destinations, casino towns aren’t exactly high up on the list based on the fact that most are not family friendly. However, there areas with casinos that provide options for family fun, such as Circus Circus in Las Vegas. But if I was going to Vegas – what would I wear? Maybe I should ask a fashion blogger? I spoke to one of my female friends who loves to go to Vegas and this is the advice she gave me.

Go With Comfort Over Style with Footwear

When you are out with your kids at the park, or any other family outing, it’s unlikely that you would wear high heels. Use the same mindset when going to the casino. Casinos require a lot of walking and if you are lucky enough to have one with options for the kiddies, then you are going to have to keep up with them. Platforms heels would be about the closest to stylish that you should consider.

Throw out the Mum’s Clothes During Adult Time

Regardless of the casino that you go to, there will be areas that will be off limits to the kidlets, such as the poker room, the blackjack pits, and of course the clubs. When you and your partner take some time to yourself, it is time to ditch the mum clothes. A nice cocktail dress, or even an evening gown will be more than sufficient so you can enjoy being that “lady in the little black dress”.

Choose Classy Over Sassy with Hair

When choosing your outfit, don’t forget your hairstyle. When you are getting some time away from the little ones, you can literally let your hair down so to speak. A classy, yet elegant hairstyle goes great with your more classic outfits like the little black dress. Stay away from big hair. It might look good in the movies, but you want people noticing you and not your big hair.

One of the great things about dressing up for a night at the casino is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. While you will naturally see plenty of women shelling out huge money for their designer dress, most are not going to be able to notice whether your dress came from Primani or Harvey Nicholls. Don’t worry about spending too much on your wardrobe and save some of that money so that you and your husband can have a nice dinner that doesn’t involve dishes, arguments, and cleaning food off of high chairs.



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