Husbands don’t do husbandry

So I received the press release below, which caught my attention. I then had a little email discourse with Julian at Brandspankin.

(The discourse follows the press release so please read on to the end.)

NEWS RELEASE: 06.04.11
British men still not pulling their weight at home!

BRITISH men haven’t yet arrived in the 21st century it’s if their attitudes to housework are anything to go by! And with Spring cleaning currently on the agenda for millions of British households, it’s a domestic argument waiting to happen!

An extensive new customer survey by Electrical Discount UK, the independent online electrical retailer, has found that in more than seven out of ten UK homes (71.5%) women are still doing AT LEAST three quarters of household chores such as washing, cleaning, cooking and ironing. Only 16 per cent of British men do the majority of the housework in their homes.

Almost seven out of ten households (69.5%) said that with Spring cleaning on the agenda, they were more likely to be engaged in domestic chores. Sixty per cent of respondents said that their least favoured household chore was vacuuming, whilst washing up was loathed by just under ten per cent (9.5%) – perhaps due to many households having dishwashers these days.

Simon Emberson, Commercial Manager of Electrical Discount UK, commented: It’s surprising that in this day and age things haven’t evened up more between men and women and although it’s possible that it’s not just men being idle, but women being in control of the domestic space. We find that men are usually very enthusiastic when it comes to buying practical gadgets, so it’s surprising they aren’t as keen on some of the labour saving devices for the home such as dishwashers, tumble dryers and vacuum cleaners!

One respondent to the survey, Mr John Sidebottom (64) from Thorner in West Yorkshire, claimed his wife did 75 per cent of the housework, but later admitted to us that it was nearer 100 per cent!

Mr Sidebottom, an Estate Services Manager at Bradford Royal Infirmary, said: “The only housework I do is the washing up, but I don’t like doing that and it makes my hands dry! And, I don’t like dusting…well actually , I don’t like any housework!

Asked if his wife might give him a reward if he pulled his finger out and did some housework, John joked: “I’mm too old for that sort of reward!”

Simon Emberson of Electrical Discount UK, added: “We decided to help out Mrs Sidebottom and so as a belated Mother’s Day present, we’ve presented HER HUSBAND John with a state-of-the-art Panasonic vacuum cleaner. If he needs it, we’ll also offer him an hour’s intensive tuition in how to use it!

Seeing the funny side John admitted: “Perhaps I should do more around the house. I promise I’ll do my fair share of the vacuuming now that Electrical Discount UK have given me a decent one to use!”


Notes to the Editors
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Electrical Discounts UK are one of the UK’s longest established online electrical retailers having provide a first class sales and after-sales service to our customers for over 12 years. As retailers we have been established for over 50 years, specialising in all the latest products and innovations. We have a 64,000 square foot warehouse and a national distribution hub, so we can offer internet customers the reassurance that when they purchase from ELECTRCICAL DISCOUNT UK we have had many years experience of supplying to the needs of our customers both in terms of products and service.

So I emailed him.

Sent: 07 April 2011 00:28
To: Julian Jordan
Subject: Re: NEWS RELEASE: British men still not pulling their weight at home!

Are they starting a new range of men that do husbandry? I would like a top of the range model. Please let me know when they are in stock.


From: Julian Jordan
Subject: RE: NEWS RELEASE: British men still not pulling their weight at home!
Date: 7 April 2011 10:05:36 GMT+01:00


To the best of my knowledge, EDUK don’t stock men that do husbandry…top of the range or even reconditioned. Many apologies for this and I’m not sure they’re available yet in the UK. I’ve been trying my best though and I’m a northern man and I know what a vacuum cleaner is. I can also load a dishwasher and I’m housetrained.

At our next client meeting, I promise I’ll pass on your suggestion to them.

Best regards,


Sent: 07 April 2011 10:30
To: Julian Jordan
Subject: Re: NEWS RELEASE: British men still not pulling their weight at home!

Hi Julian,

How disappointing. Positive identification of a housework device is a leap in the right direction, and of course, loading the dishwasher and using the loo are all admirable features in a man. Although isolated incidents are just the beginning. It’s more about frequency and a holistic approach to husbandry. I won’t bore you with the details.

Perhaps, when the time is right you would let me know if they are planning a husbandry range. I would be very interested. The problem is, of course, once you have established the male husbandry range then women will expect it to be followed by an accountability, responsibility and growing up range. As we know evolution is a slow process.

I would be interested in your clients feedback. Please feel free to forward my email. I could be coerced into perhaps running some husbandry classes with them so that we can perhaps demonstrate continuous and prolonged use of the appliances that provide the foundation for good husbandry.

There is no greater irony (nice electrical appliance pun) in the word husbandry meaning housework, especially as your research suggests most of them don’t do any.

Kind regards,


From: Julian Jordan
Subject: RE: NEWS RELEASE: British men still not pulling their weight at home!
Date: 7 April 2011 11:45:00 GMT+01:00

I’m sorry you’re disappointed AMMM and I promise to pass on your constructive comments to my client. The husbandry classes are an inspired suggestion and though I suspect you’ll have your work cut out! Some men have a very peculiar view of a vacuum cleaner’s function and as many an A&E department will confirm.

I should add however, that whilst I’m sympathetic to your position, I am between a rock and a hard place. I’ve already been accused of gender treachery by irate male recipients of the press release.

Best regards,


To which I succinctly replied:

‘Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas’

Now I want a buff, bronzed Adonis, half dressed to do my husbandry……In the immortal words of Alberto frog, in the classic TV programme Bod…..I think I’ll have………

I can’t decide….suggestions welcome.


  1. I’ll have you know that I do all the hoovering, washing up, clothes washing, dusting and bedsheet changing in our house. However, I am neither bronzed nor an Adonis but you can’t have everything. I do, though, have housemaid’s knee.

  2. I have just rattled off a basket full of ironing – although the majority of the contents consisted of my shirts, It has been a gorgeous day so I dug out the extension cable and took the whole ironing shooting match into the garden, thus topping up with vitamin D at the same time. Who said men cannot multi-task?

  3. I’m pretty sure you should start a Husband Housework Training School where you could train the lads with a rod of iron or maybe a feather duster shoved in certain places to get them to scrub harder!

  4. This is very funny… I must have the ONLY Male Brit that does do pretty much everything in the housework department! The only thing that he does’t do is clean the bathrooms. Laundry, Dishwasher, Lunches, Bed Changing have been a thing of the past for me, I think I will keep him 🙂

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