Leveson Inquiry

Long live reform. I bloody hope that some substantial legislation comes out of this. It’s outrageous how celebrities are hounded by the paps and the press. It is tantamount to stalking. It’s not ok. It’s outrageous that those violated can’t be charged for something. Being chased by 20 blokes at midnight when you are on a night out must form some sort of criminal act. What about harrassment, bullying, fraud, libel, etc?…

A private life is a basic human right. People should be able to choose what they reveal about themselves regardless of the curiosity of the majority. Even if they salaciously and gratuitously covet the attention of the media to promote their end goals.

#Just saying. Although, I am trying to not to watch to closely in case I get hooked.


  1. I agree, but frankly I blame those of us hooked without shame to the kind of newspaper copy these tactics produce. I read celeb gossip too, now & then – but at least I’m a bit embarassed about it. Who are these 20 guys working for? Someone should organise a national boycott of these rags . . .

    1. It’s not as simple as that because there are plenty of celebs that are willing to show they inside of their vajazzle for the publicity. The problem is those who have the equity but choose not to exploit it when the media hunger for it. The 20 guys are mostly freelancers hunting for money shots. They are sharks. They know that if they pull off the shot they can sell for it a £100,000 sort of like bounty hunting. It should be illegal to buy shots of celebs that have been taken without their consent. Also the press should be regulated by an independent impartial body not by editors with an invested interest. Plus we should have a state funded newspaper like the BBC to ensure genuine impartiality in at least one newspaper or print media owners need to be regulated in the same manner that TV is regulated. To be honest even the Internet publishers like little old us should be regulated with licences to drive a blog.

  2. Totally agree. A private life is a basic human right that everybody has – even those that caught Hello magazine 364 days of the year have a right to say no on the 365th and expect their wishes to be honoured.

    1. It’s important that this is addressed. I feel like we are living in The Chronicles of Narnia and it’s the end of an enduring winter. That spring is coming. There is hope.

    1. When you think about it it’s insane that it has taken so long for this to be addressed. It is indicative of the tyranny of Murdoch and how his power is was delivered. He is Voldermort. Who is Harry in all of this? Maybe it’s Steve!!

  3. I don’t agree with it one bit but the paps are only responding to a public need. If there was no market for their photos or for tabloid gossip the industry would die overnight. What we need to do is get rid of the crap ‘slebrity’ magazines like OK, Hello and Heat and do something about the ridiculous cult of slebrity in this country, where girls just want to be WAGs and Cheryl Cole is considered a role model but they don’t have an effing clue who Emmeline Pankhurst was. I’ve worked with lots of slebs in my time, most of them are a***holes who just got lucky and why anyone would want to read about the minutiae of their life is a mystery to me anyway

    1. It’s not the consumers that dictate demand in a ‘responsible society’ otherwise Coca Cola would still be sold loaded with cocaine. The editors should not buy pictures that have been derived without consent of the subject. If the editors didn’t buy the pictures the paps wouldn’t hunt for them. It comes down to media regulation and licensing. Print publishing and Internet publishing needs to be regulated by an independent commissioning body with powers that enable to fine media providers large sums of money for the breach – larger sums of money then they make for publishing it in the first place – you should be licensed to run a media and be responsible for the output . *coughs at the shame of the online bingo post*

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