Lifestyle Hacks That Make Being A Mum A Breeze

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Imagine if you could somehow rig your day so that you could get twice and much done in half the time. 

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? And yet, it’s actually quite achievable, so long as you know how. 

In this post, we explore some hacks that all mums should be using. Applying them should reduce your stress levels while allowing you to provide a better service to your kids (and everyone else in your life). 

Turn Off Social Media

Posting and commenting on social media can be a lot of fun. But have you ever stopped to consider how much time it takes up? It could be more than an hour a day! That’s time you could be spending getting on with the rest of your chores. 

Give Yourself A Mini Reward For Each Task You Complete

Working hard every day isn’t easy – even if you’re a super mum. But you can make it a little easier. 

The trick is to create a kind of reward system that works for you. How you reward yourself will depend on your personality. But most mums enjoy doing something fun. What that fun is is up to you. Things like taking walks with friends, throwing pebbles in a stream, and potting up plants can all add tremendously to your day, motivating you to complete the next task and then the next one after that. 

Clear Our Unwanted Clutter Immediately

Mums can sometimes hang onto things that their kids no longer want or need “just in case.” But, in general, that’s a bad idea. Clutter soon crowds your home and clouds the mind, destroying your productivity in the process. 

Most mums, though, don’t want to throw away all their possessions overnight. It just doesn’t feel right. Fortunately, according to, there is another way: use storage. 

The idea is pretty simple. If there’s stuff in your home you’re not sure needs to be there, you can temporarily keep it off-site. Then, if and when you need it, you can pick it back up again.

Do The Hardest Thing First

Many of us have a nasty habit of putting off hard things until later. It just feels better getting the easy things out of the way before we take on any serious challenges. 

The problem with this approach is that it leads to procrastination. You spend all your time doing the easy tasks that you neglect to complete the hard ones. So issues continue to mount. 

What’s more, knowing that you’re neglecting to do the hardest jobs creates a burden in your mind. It’s hanging over you all the time, getting in the way of everything else. 

Take 30 Minutes At Dawn To Exercise

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Spending time exercising might seem like lost productivity. But it can actually help you to be more productive during the day, according to It gets the blood flowing and allows you to think more clearly. It also elevates your wellbeing, putting you in the mood to face the challenges of parenting. 

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