LOL-ling About At The LOL Blogger Launch

Did I want to come to an expenses paid drinks launch for children at The Rainforest Cafe? Err….yes, won’t bring The Grenade as he is at school, and so is The Menace, so it’ll just be me and why not. *PRs wave magic wand and train tickets arrive although only a single – does this mean they won’t let me leave until they have indoctrinated me with LoL speak?* Luck will have it that I got a Mac Migraine the day before and needed to avoid my laptop for 24hours and so this was a good reason to do something else instead. At the 11th hour I decided to bring The Menace too – The Rainforest Cafe is like Planet Hollywood, with good intentions so it would be weird to be there ‘sans enfant’.

So up to that there London town we went from the damp, wet, soggy Shire. The Menace was a bit reticient – demanding to go to school until we arrived at Andover train station and she began her adventure. She does enjoy a train journey, followed by a couple of escalators, *no theme parks required* and then a tube train too, with more escalators. She was in journey heaven. On arrival at The Rainforest Cafe the day picked up for her completely.

The minute that she met anyone new she retracted into completely shy and adorable mode *don’t be fooled by this stealth tactic believe me when relaxed she truly lives up to her nickname!* The PRs of Cohn Wolf (big, swanky, London PR agency, with young, pretty, thin PR girls, smiling and nodding with clip boards – it was my first clue that I was being courted by a big brand. After 14 years working as a PR consultant – it’s interesting to be Gamekeeper turned Poacher!) had hired Mr Boo Boo to keep the three children entertained, in his own dedicated party room, with a professional child minder as well, to tend to their every needs. A premium childcare experience!

The Menace took about 10 minutes to be convinced but was soon lured into the fun filled lair so that I could be LOLled into a fizzy drink ambient child free state. This is when we met Ali Wilkes and the big reveal was that the brand was Heinz! Baked, beans, tomato soup, tomato ketchup and salad cream – these are my favourite Heinz brands. Ali was part of Heinz Explore and was tasked with seeking products within the global Heinz portfolio to bring new brands to Britain. On this Heinz exploration they stumbled upon this Aussie drinks brand called LOL.

Then there was loads of LOL speak about kids, teeth, sugar, diet and other fizzy drinks to look at – compare and contrast – ‘quel horreur’ some had more calories and were full of shit. Seriously, though has anyone ever actually bought a can of Vimto to drink recreationally. (I think I had a drink once called a Cheeky Vimto – which is Vimto, port and blue WKD – ahem! toxity alert.. I think I drank it a party on an RAF patch – definitely through a straw!)

Yes, yes, – drink fizz through a straw – I do it, the kids do it – we are already converted to good practices. It was a bit *yawn*. But the most important thing is THIS! LOL is FRICKIN’ DELICIOUS!! Not, I am paying you to say it is delicious but ACTUALLY FRICKIN’ DELICIOUS!!

I am allergic to pack lunches – The Grenade is at boarding school so he has school food and The Menace has school dinners. I HATE making packed lunches! I am just not that sort of mum – unless it’s for a school trip and then I will go all out and make the gourmet packed lunch because I don’t have to do it daily. Also, my kids mainly drink water, or watered downed apple juice, or diluted cordials at home – through straws, of course. The Grenade does enjoy a flaggon of tea to start his day. As a treat he has Lucozade Energy drinks and when he remembers of it’s existence – the evil brown stuff! I don’t buy any canned drinks for the home. In fact, I buy litres of concentrated fruit juice and savers carbonated water at 17p for two litres at Morrisons for me to drink but the kids don’t really drink that much fizzy stuff because I don’t buy it so it’s not in the house to tempt them.

LOL is the drink I want the kids to have if we go to the pub, on a car journey, at a party or on a day out. It’s fruit juice and carbonated mineral water. Both of my kids have tried it and love it. It’s tasty and is not the root of all evil – you know what I am talking about the evil brown stuff – red and white crack cocaine for children that is bad and yet so good!!

After the spiel we LOL-led about, chatted and enjoyed The Rainforest Cafe fayre. I was able to catch up the with the effervescent Pippa Dawn from A Mother’s Ramblings who is just awesome. It was great day and everyone was lovely, which is nice. The Menace got over her shyness and left ladened with balloons, toys and lots of LOL.

PS: Really, and I shouldn’t really say this so ‘sssssh’ ….Razz Bri LOL with tonnes of ice and vodka…..OMG….yum diddly yum, yum, yum… doesn’t have to be just for kids y’know! It’s good for mums too!


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