Based in Wiltshire, UK Parent Blogger, Clare Macnaughton, A Modern Military Mother vows to form an army of parents who support the notion that childcare is 100% tax deductible

I am UK parent blogger, Clare Macnaughton, A Modern Military Mother, and I am trying to raise an army of working parents to create change for good – it’s time for action not words. This is in the best interests of British people.

Please sign the e-petition:
Make Childcare 100% tax deductible

The petition expires at 09:01 on the 30th July and needs over 100,000 signatures. If you are a working tax paying parent then this petition is in your interest. If you want to have children and continue to work in the future then this petition is in your interest.

By investing your time in this supporting this petition you are investing in your future.

Very few jobs are flexible enough to allow parents to only work to the extent they get tax relief, and therefore, working parents are paying out of post tax income for something, which is needed in order to work. Childcare costs are incurred wholly, necessarily, and exclusively, for the purposes of jobs. Companies get deductions for expenses incurred wholly, necessarily and exclusively for the purposes of their trade, individuals (including self employed ones) do for expenses incurred wholly and necessarily for the purposes of their trade. In any case, we can’t earn income and therefore pay tax on that income without childcare, so why isn’t it deductible?

Sign the petition – spread the word and join the parent army.
Make Childcare 100% tax deductible

For more information:
Clare Macnaughton
T: @amodmilitarymum
M: 07885 194188

About Clare Macnaughton

Since the advent of my blog, A Modern Military in May 2013 I wanted to see how it could help me establish myself as truly independent writer, journalist and broadcaster. As I weaved my through the blogosphere, the opportunity became about developing a brand and looking at how the digital landscape could provide me the freedom to write and say what I wanted, how I wanted (within a legal infrastructure). The digital world provided tools for me to shape my ideas and from the outset and to this day, my blog is the foundation that underpins how this journey is evolving. From the blog I have fostered fabulous commercial partnerships with brands and media.

I have a weekly column in Salisbury Journal. I have written for Prima magazine and also been commissioned by The Sun – although the piece was not published. I have a regular column in Wiltshire Life. I was a columnist for RAF News and I also wrote for the website In The Powder Room. For two years I was a Toys R Us Toyologist, which led to the birth of my You Tube channel

Through the blog I worked on the UK military press relations for the distribution company Dogwoof on the Oscar nominated film Restrepo and was fortunate enough to interview both Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger and the soldiers that served on the outpost. I then decided that I wanted to make a TV show so I made AMMMTV the pilot episode: Pilot TV show – AMMMTV and now I am in the throes of starting a production company.

On the back of the blog – I self-published a paperback book and a kindle book of blog post compilations.
A Modern Military Mother – Tales from the Domestic Frontline – Paperback
A Modern Military Mother – Tales from the Domestic Frontline – KINDLE

I am completing the production of an audio book and also re-publishing an improved 2nd edition. This is available on amazon worldwide and my local Budgen’s supermarket. My plan for the next edition is to develop an app.

I have done many media interviews here’s a few:
BBC BreakfastBFBSBBC WiltshireBBC Wiltshire againBBC London

I was one of three English journalists for the solo non-stop yacht race – the Vendee Globe. I am now looking at the next stages and I was explaining the plans for the future to a techie and he said “I see so really you want to be the UK’s Oprah Winfrey” and he’s right in a way because I want to manage multiple platforms that spin off from the blog – I would like to develop different retail ranges, write more books – hard copy, kindle and audio but also develop apps, create a production company to make my own TV shows to be broadcast on my own IPTV channel. We are also about refresh the brand For me, blogging is about looking at the world and saying where can I go from here, what do I want to do and how do I make that happen. To me blogging is freedom.” Said Clare Macnaughton

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