Why Do We Blog? What’s It All About?

I haven’t blogged one off for ages. The sort of blog post where it’s actually me talking about whatever is ruminating around in my mind. I have been pondering on a few posts that I haven’t written.

Posts such as:

What is the role of a mother?


Why are women so self-sacrificing?

If you want to pick up these posts then linky back to me – I can’t be the only women in the world thinking about these issues.

I recently attended BlogCamp and ventured into room full of bloggers, me included. We chatted to PRs and we discussed a little about why people blog. In my humble opinion I think people generally (sweep, sweeep, sweeeeeeeeping generalisation so please don’t spin out if this does not apply to you and you in fact blog) begin blogging because ultimately they want to be writers.

Or perhaps, I should just keep to my own little sphere of experience and say for a fact I began blogging because I wanted to become a writer. Initially, I was dabbling and I didn’t understand what I was opening up for myself in terms of contact and experience. I would go as far as to say that I have ventured on a blogging journey and I am still on it.

In the early days of my blog I wrote passionately from the heart – this is my first ever blog post on the 31st October 2009 Reach For The Skies and on the 16th May 2012 my blog A Modern Military Mother was born – this was my first post A Modern Military Mother

I wanted to share my experiences and my life, my opinions and perspectives, unedited and free. To be honest I still do – this hasn’t changed. I have less time to blog so freely and over the last 18 months I have been on an unstoppable roller coaster, which has changed me eternally. The UK military community hated the blog and some even hated me. How very dare I? Speak out loud my thoughts and share it with the world. In the beginning there was much hostility; but in the end I moved away from the community and don’t even give so much as a flying fuck if they agree, disagree, read it, don’t read it – I am officially indifferent.

The blog itself is a technical platform that through techie wizardry breathes a life of it’s own so the once coveted and sought after affections of those who disapproved are no longer needed to pump readers into it’s veins. It’s my platform and now it has grown from a baby into a toddler with a Google Page Rank of 4. I have even have a rate card and commercial relationships with brands. The changing digital and media landscapes means that PRs and journalists engage with me to ask my opinion, or to promote theirs.

I have a logo and branded products to sell in my shop:

A Modern Military Mother Boutique

I have a column in Wiltshire Life magazine – A Modern Military Mother

I have a You Tube channel and made a TV Show – AMMMTV

I have a slot on the Huffington Post – Clare Macnaughton – Huff Post UK

And I have just secured a professional contract to be one of three journalists who are writing the English web content for the non stop global solo yacht race – The Vendee Globe

so I guess when I began my blogging journey on the 31st October 2009 I didn’t know that my dreams would come true and I would become a writer but they have. The journey is not over and my blog will grow with me. I love my blog and I love the opportunities that it has given me and the connections I have made because of it. When people tell me they have a book in them I advise them to start a blog. If you want to be a writer – you have to write and if you want to put your writing out there and test the water then blog. Blogging is a journey, an adventure, a skill and it will take you places within your soul to which you have never ventured before, it will introduce you to people who also want to express themselves through this form and if you are committed to your blog it will take you to places you could never imagine you would go. Happy places and dark places – it’s a new world and like all new worlds it is full of angels and demons. Just be aware that not everyone is your friend.

For parenting blog advice and support – pop into these websites:

Brit Mums
Tots 100
Mumsnet Bloggers

For rankings:

Have you ever wondered why you blog? Whatever you do though if you love it like I do – don’t stop!


  1. I suppose mostly blogging is clearing out the white noise in my head. Although my enthusiasm for it waxes and wanes. I think if you lose inspiration you should take a break…that’s what i do

    1. Yes – dip and out and blog when you fancy – I imagine you have buckets of white noise. Your head is a busy place 🙂 xx

  2. I was thinking this very thing today. I looked at the map of where my readers come from and was amazed at how far across the world people come from. Admittedly, most probably google some random thing and inadvertently stumble on my blog. But I don’t care, it gives me a buzz. I didn’t start out wanting to be a writer, I’ve just felt the need to write. I wish I could get my act together as you have to do more with it but somehow making it more commercial seems to take away the freedom of it. Perhaps that’s what’s stopping me. Perhaps I’m just lazy. Either way, good for you for doing so well with it.

    1. But if you have a need to write then by default you are a writer. Maybe you didn’t want to be a writer because you already are one. Writers write but then writing for money is a different kettle of fish altogether. But the blog is the freedom which showcases the writing which enables you to write commercially. If that is what you want – but also finding people willing to pay for writing is also challenge – music, writing and art to some extent people have a certain sense of entitlement to it for free until the artist has a degree of equity that means they can demand a certain tariff.

      To be honest perhaps you should finish the refurb and unpack the boxes – there is no rush. York underwater – crazy times. You are going to have one hellluva full moon this weekend.

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