Real life: Macnaughty’s Manifesto – Vote For Me

I am devastated by the Referendum. It consumes me. I am ranting on Facebook, but like any bad drug, it’s not helping and instead, making the despair worse. I am getting stuck into conversations with people who are impolite and cannot debate without slinging insults. This is annoying.

People assume they know my politics and they don’t; so I have decided to lay it out in a makeshift manifesto. I doubt once you’ve read it you’d vote for me and no doubt will shout, “Off with her head” the treasonous tart.

but I am just going to put it out there.

There are not any parties representing my interests at the moment, apart from the Women’s Equality Party.

Where to start:


  • Dissolve the Monarchy in entirety


  • Get rid of First Past the Post and change to Proportional Representation
  • Shut Westminster down and build a campus style Government in the centre of the United Kingdom, with childcare facilities
  • Get rid of all the traditions and stupid clothes
  • Get rid of the House of Lords and create an elected Senate
  • Change the way the House of Commons does business to Monday to Friday 9am-5pm with 25 days holiday a year.
  • Create mandatory voting and virtual access so MPs can operate effectively in their constituencies
  • Make voting mandatory for all over 18s
  • Ensure that women are equally represented in Parliament


  • Separate Religious doctrine from Law. Law is secular device to create rules by which society should live
  • Abolish Religious marriage and create civil partnerships based on equal rights


  • Remain part of Europe


  • Reform education so that schools operate Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm with 25 days leave for teachers. Create stages rather than years and minimum age entry (4) and maximum age exit (20). Teach children not based on the age but their ability.
  • Prioritise education funding

Gender Equality

  • Make it so


  • Preserve the NHS

That’ll do for now. But I can tell you that categorically there is not a single party that represents my interests.

I have to go and do some actual work and get distracted, maybe joust with some people on Facebook.

Time will tell our EU outcomes and no doubt May the Merciless will take the reins of the country and make Thatcher look like a yoghurt knitting leftie. I have nowhere to go. The BeLeavers have said things like ‘if you don’t like it then go and live elsewhere.’ But the reality is now they have fucked it up for all of us we are going to be stranded, barefoot, penniless on an island with English loyalists eating endless apples and potatoes, with nowhere else to go. Ok I am exaggerating. But FFS!

I can’t see me making office any time soon. What would your manifesto be?


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