#sethtests @pengillyseth debut review of the Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

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Let me introduce you to – @Pengillyseth He lives the beautiful life, with his beautiful wife in the Kingdom of Wessex, and he drives a vintage Massey Ferguson red tractor, looks after his two horses and his dogs Boz and Willis. He’s a bit of a looker, so is a nice bit of eye candy for the ladies, and for some reason he supports Scunthorpe FC, which he tweets about a lot, which is nice if you are into that sort of thing. (I’m not!) He’s a true west country character and he’s agreed to do some reviews for me. Now the caveat is that he has to be remotely interested in what he’s reviewing. But where’s the fun in that?!! It’s my plan to make him review other stuff too – but ssssh don’t tell him!! I have eased him in gently (cheeky!! not like that – yes, I am talking about you Kate Sutton) and so here is our debut of #sethtests with Karcher K2 Premium Pressure washer. A great gift for Father’s Day. I love pressure washing!! I think one of the most cathartic ways to spend a sunny day is to give concrete a good hosing down. Seth is not quite as keen as me but here’s what he had to say:

@Pengillyseth puts the pressure washer through it's paces
@Pengillyseth puts the pressure washer through it’s paces

#sethtests next #autoglym …..he’s going to valet my car and apparently he’s the best valet in the world…..probably!

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