Real Life: How posh are you?

I love watching tv shows about rich people and posh people. Made in Chelsea is my guilty pleasure, although I can only watch it sporadically as I find it utterly vacuous; yet it’s so awful that it’s so good. It’s like Fifty Shades of Grey, saccharin. (Check out my review of Fifty Shades of Grey

I don’t watch soap operas such as Eastenders or Coronation Street or Emmerdale. They bring me down. I find them too depressing. In my youth, I religiously watched Dallas, Dynasty and The Colbys; even though I knew it was car crash tv. I love a super, speedy, trashy rapid plot cheese fest and there is nothing finer than forthcoming New Year dose of Nashville, if you are looking for a modern day Dallas.

As I have been living in the heartlands of the posh in the Shire of Wilts, in a house traditionally occupied by posh people and I could be perceived myself as one of them posh people. I have been battling with the dilemma of whether I am posh or pikey? Watching the TV show Posh People: Inside Tatler, on BBC 2; a behind the scenes look at Tatler magazine, brought these thoughts to the surface once again. I loved watching the documentary about the posh person magazine, which is run by the lesser attractive posh people (apart from the editor and the school’s guide editor) and it was a fascinating insight into the bonkers world of posh people. The shots from the front row of London Fashion Week were indeed like images out of a Gerard Scarfe illustration. It really did reveal the revoltingness of the opulent world of the posh, some of which are now poor posh people, in an unintentional Gonzo way. For a minute, I thought I should be buying Tatler. It was an odd moment of social confusion. By the end of the tv show I decided that I won’t be buying Tatler.

I wrote this in 2011 –

Over the years and through my drunken, inappropriate, posh rule breaking and offensive to posh people behaviour, I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely NOT POSH and I don’t want to be. Now, I do want to live in the big house, have lovely holidays, grow my own vegetables, pursue my dreams; but I don’t want to wear tweed, ride horses, own dogs, speak without moving my lips, or shout without listening to people, observe ridiculous rules as decreed by Debretts and general suck up to the establishment who behave revoltingly and then lie about it. I am just going to be straight forward revolting and true to my crazy self. I am lazy and being posh is too difficult and not much fun, especially if you can’t be bothered to learn the rules and adhere to them. I prefer a carefree, fun, posh free, existence.

It’s such a relief to throw the shackles of posh ambition away and live a life true to myself instead. As an officer’s wife there are unspoken rules of engagement that I just don’t adhere to them either. The Wessex punk that occupies part of my soul says ‘fuck you stupid rules’.

I like to make my own rules.

These are very simple:

1.) Try not to be a complete and utter cunt.

2.) If being a complete and utter cunt then stop immediately

Sometimes, you just have to know who are your people and my people aren’t posh people they are people who are not cunts. (There are obviously exceptions to every rule and I do have a few lovely posh friends; but we are friends because we like each other and laugh at the same things.) How about you? Are you a posh person? Do you wannabe posh?

Deep down I am a Republican, who doesn’t endorse the patriarchal, wealthy, ruling elitist system. I want electoral reform. I want to shut Westminster down and turn it into a tourist attraction. I want a purpose built Government campus in the West Midlands. I want parliamentary sessions to be tailored to support the greater inclusion of women of child bearing age and with children. I believe in progression and the traditions that the posh and wealthy newbies cling to stifles change. Power to the real people.

Bearing in mind, that I am a terrible posh person and a dreadful officer’s wife, I will be launching a new blog called Macnaughty so that I can write without the conflict of interests that this blog currently exposes.

Clare Macnaughton; a modern military mother; a feminist, British military spouse, and lifestyle journalist, writing about real life adventures.

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