Real life: Word Up – this is what’s going down in my hood

When I say ‘hood’ it may conjure up images of an urban ghetto, but the truth is I live in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by a mix of awfully, awfully nice people and others who like to stretch out their words with ‘rrrrrs‘. So my mantra has been for the last year ‘work where I live’because I want to be able to earn money but remain flexible enough to be there for my children as and when they need me. With The Grenade, now 10 years old and 11 just around the corner, and The Menace, aged 6 years old, settled into the local state school, it’s time to build my business empire amongst the local community. Although I have to tell you I am dreading it! My local community is run by older men and women, who don’t like change at a pace they can’t handle.  There isheirarchy and rules, earned positions and deference to which I will have to proffer; a cast of characters which reads like it’s straight out of an Alan Ayckbourne play. Maybe I should think of it as business whispering and tread softly in, observing and working out how each mechanism ticks? I have time to tread slowly forwards because I think it needs a gentle approach.

I am not sure why, but it seems that doing one thing at a time for me is not enough.

Here’s the list of my crazy, hair brained, keep as many balls in the air as I can at any one time:

  • Coming soon to Amazon  – Je Deteste Le Menage et autre articles

    • The French translated version of Tales from the Domestic Frontline with a snazzy new cover designed by my old mucker Simeon Brand – he’s a great designer and you can find him here –
Coming soon to Amazon
Coming soon to Amazon

    • I am the new managing editor of A Local Life, a free, A5, independent, lifestyle magazine; distributed to Warminster and the surrounding villages
A Local Life due to launch in Warminster Sept/Oct 2014
A Local Life due to launch in Warminster Sept/Oct 2014
  • Us Trois

    • I have formed a business partnership with another mum, and friend, Teresa Poolman. We have launched a local event business, hosting locally based, fun, cost effective events.
    • Follow us on Facebook –



  • Coming soon to Amazon – I Hate Housework by Clare Macnaughton

    • I am compiling a book based on all of my writing since I was 12 years old. It will also incorporate in it ‘Tales from The Domestic Frontline’, but hopefully give the shorter book more context and meaning. All the names will be changed because the majority of people in it are alive – and some are still my friends on Facebook – although they may not be for long afterwards! I am in the process of approaching them individually and getting clearance.  It’s agony having to read through all the angst of my teenage years, but it’s also hilarious. All the ranty boring bits are being edited out and I am hoping that it will be a rollercoaster read. It’s not just about me; it’s a window on the lives of others too, and some of it is fiction. Everything I wrote, I wrote it live at the time of happening so in a way it reflects, the language, culture and experiences of that time amongst my peers and I. I am not sure if my experiences are reflective of others in my peer group. I make no valuable contribution to existence. We are not particularly charitable or selfless. I find that in itself interesting that I grew up in a selfish, hedonistic time and I am absolutely a product of that. It also contains some very amusing comedy porn stories that I wrote for my friends to entertain us on those boring cashless, nights when we sat smoking in each others bedroom. I made up fictional scenarios where they had sex with boys they fancied or even more amusingly mingers they didn’t. It’s also making me realise what a dork I am. Clothes, fashion and beauty particularly were not important to me and as I go back through my old photos and diaries this becomes patently obvious, and again, amusing. I was make up free and furry, with bushy eyebrows and gallons of hair, wearing sensible comfy shoes! I have to say it’s not much different now, although I am definitely not as hirsuite and since I have greyed I now have multi-coloured hair! I still wear stupid clothes. Ask aunty Pat – she’ll verify the weird outfits!
There are no words for what I was thinking when I decided to throw this little outfit on!
There are no words for what I was thinking when I decided to throw this little outfit on!


And finally:

Happy 4th Birthday to my blog

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 13.00.42

Hurrah! #Blowstrumpets

The blog is still here after four years and I am still loving it. It has given me so much freedom, a place to grow my writing, meet some fantastic, inspirational people and I have made some amazing friends. I may not be one of the most interactive, inner sanctum bloggers, but I watch other bloggers success with pride and envy. They inspire me to carry on living my dreams, following my path because I know that blogging can help shape your life how you want your life to be shaped and it can also deliver some wonderful surprises along the way too. Thank you blog – I love you so much. You rock. And bloggers – you rock too – keep on changing the world in the wonderful ways that you do.






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