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I feel like I have just spent a few hours at the spa. These products are amazing. They smell very natural but at the same time spa like and marvellous.

I cleansed with the Aloe-herb cleanser – very tangy! Then mudded up with the purifying mud mask.

I washed it off and then cleansed my face with an ayurvedic facial scrub, which smelt a bit like curry and was spicy on my face. Then I washed in the Rosemary and Peppermint body wash which smelt amazing. It was fab but it didn’t foam up and that is unusual in a body wash but my skin felt great.

Then I spritzed my face with some neroli toning mist, coated my face in anti-aging serum, coated my eyes in anti-aging eye serum and then finished my face off with some herbal facial oil. Then I used the coconut body oil and face oil – it smelt delish but more of lavender than coconut.

Now I feel like I have been to the spa….I love this stuff and I still have some left!!

Hagar’s tried some too:

Ok, I hadn’t shaved for around a week and I smelt like a goat as I had been working around the house and been for a long walk and play with the kids, so if ever I needed some smelly stuff (in a ‘just gay enough’ way) it was now!

So, down I went to the cellar bathroom, where we keep our roll top, claw foot bath tub, as deep as the Atlantic and as long as the Suez canal. Very nice – especially as the hot water is ‘on demand’ so you can fil the bath as much as you want and the hot won’t run out……

I picked up the 1st product – the ‘Dead Sea Facial Scrub’ which looked like mud but smelt great, and on it went all over my week long whiskers. Nice and thick and easy to apply it really did smell nice, with a kind of hint of lavender and warmness to it. I could feel my whiskers softening as I rubbed the ‘mud’ in. After a few minutes I gave it a good wash off and then on went the shaving cream and off came the whiskers! My face felt good, the whiskers were soft and the shave worked well.

Next came the edible sounding ‘Coconut Honey Mask’ to re-hydrate my now whisker free face. Actually, it wasn’t just edible sounding, it tasted good too (I got some on the corner of my mouth). Unsurprisingly, it tasted like Coconut and honey! The mask went on as a kind of clear thick goo, but I could feel it hydrating as it went on and it stayed on, nice and thick. I then dived (almost literally) into the bath and had a damn good soak. After about 15 minutes of soaking, the Coconut and Honey mask came off through liberal application of bath water.

So, how did my face feel after all that? Bloody brilliant!

What followed was a succession of lovely smelling and interesting sounding products that made my smelly old body feel great and smelling lovely, including some anti-age face and eye serum (not holding out too much hope for them!) and some . All good things come to an end and soon the bath was empty and I ended up warm, happy and dry with a final coat of body oil leaving me feeling like I had just been for a Spa day somewhere very expensive.
All in all, some fantastic, quality spa products for both men and women, although if you get them in your house, the chances of any men getting them will be slim, I think! Give them a try, you won’t regret it.


  1. When I see things like this I involuntarily shudder. I think it proves that no matter how much I try and kid myself I am just not cut out to be metrosexual.

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