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It’s impossible to defy the ageing process and to some extent as a woman that lives in a predominantly Aphrodite culture, where we must remain eternally youthful, slim and beautiful, it’s hard not to feel guilty for nature’s natural deterioration. But aside from the societal demands to stay youthful there is something to be said for skin maintenance.

I am a big believer in women, in particular, taking time out at the spa. Not to preserve their youth but to preserve their sanity. I find with two school age children I am constantly juggling my time, their time, my household commitments and my work commitments to ensure that our lives are delivered.

I visited the Bristol beauty salon, Beautology to try out revolutionary new skin work out: ‘My-Time’. As we get older we have problematic skin, reduced collagen production, poor skin texture, reduced facial muscle tone and other specific changes like excessive hair growth and vascular issues. The salon offers three stages of treatment to fight these factors; firstly the epidermis or top layer of skin requires resurfacing via the removal of blemishes then the dermis or next layer down needs to be stimulated, increasing collagen production, plumping and balancing oil production. Finally, the facial muscles will be given a workout to help restore muscle tone and lift.

Much like a gym membership, Beautology’s ‘My-Time’ offers all of the anti-ageing treatments offered at the medi-spa in one package at a fixed price.  This is a 70 minute monthly visit to the salon where multiple prescription skin treatments will be administered . A personal consultant devises a bespoke skin workout to restore and rejuvenate the skin. In this new concept you are buying time and not treatments.

My personalised treatment consisted of the following:

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Step one: Nlite skin rejuvenation:

The NLite is a pulsed-dye laser that uses very low power laser energy to ‘insult’ the fine blood vessels beneath the skin. These vessels, although not actually damaged, are tricked into behaving as if they were. Chemical signals are released that cause the body’s own repair and regeneration mechanism to begin a healing process, laying down new collagen in the treated area. The result is that, over time, lines and wrinkles reduce in depth and in the case of fine lines can disappear completely.

Because collagen is laid down slowly, there is no immediate effect. While this may seem like a disappointment, the gradual nature of the response is a blessing in disguise. Instead of having an obvious cosmetic change, your skin condition will slowly improve over time.

This treatment was quite painful. It felt like hot needles being injected rapidly and lightly into my skin. The creams and massage before and after, more than made up for the discomfort.

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Step two: Transdermy

Transdermal ultrasound enables and faster and deeper penetration of products into the deeper layers of the skin giving maximum impact with no downtime!  Transdermy, uses ultrasound waves to penetrate hydration and active ingredients 10 000 times deeper into the skin, helping to counteract the damaging effects of the environment on the cells.

Using Ultra sound waves utilised the skin’s water based ‘channels’ to increase the skin absorption of active ingredients. This method of delivery is faster and more effective than traditional ionthophoresis and can be used for skin revitalization treatments, cellulite treatments, pre laser applications, pre and post skin resurfacing procedures. It can be used as an alternative to injections for all mesotherapy applications, using a lower amount of product causing no traumas, injuries and irritations.

The Transderm is a powered delivery system that is indicated for the local administration of active ingredients into the skin and can be used as an alternative to injections.

This treatment felt more like a gentle exfoliation and didn’t cause any discomfort.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.52.53

A few weeks on from the treatment my skin is glowing radiantly and feels rejuvenated. I love the concept of paying a monthly membership and having an hour and half of combined treatment each month.

Beauty treatments are good for the soul. They force us to take much needed time out of our day where we just sit and chill. With the pressure of keeping so many balls in the air I think it’s important that we invest in our sanity each month if we can.


After - my skin is glowing
After – my skin is glowing

To find out more visit: Beautology

107 Coldharbour Road
Westbury Park

Tel: 0117 9500 500

Opening Times

Mon-Fri 9.30-8pm
Sat 9.30-4.30pm





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