Artisto Double Sided Easel

Artisto Double Sided Easel – A Guest Review:

First impressions of this Easel was good, i’m not one for instructions so when I emptied the box I was delighted to see the instructions were very easy to follow, the larger pieces all just clicked into place, then it came to fixing the screen ah no screws in the box! it required 8, so took it all apart again. (which was slightly harder than the assembly) and waited for the screws to arrive, a couple of weeks later I had the screws and started from scratch again. It took only 10 minutes to assemble which was great. Then I saw how big this actually was, it is definitely a toy for someone who has a large house with a play room or large bedroom. I felt it took over my house a bit.

My children were very excited about trying it out, they asked “what do we do mummy”, i advised them to get some paper, paints and their pens out and do some drawing and painting. They enjoyed the fact that they could share their pencils with the containers that swivel. Once finished they asked what else does it do. My answer was if we had some special pens we could draw on the perspex. They tried with felt tips, (didn’t work). They were dissappointed that we didn’t have then pens, as was I, for the amount of money that someone is expected to pay for this item I would like to think they might include such items.

Once they had tried this out they lost interest in using the table to draw at, my daughter complained that her pens kept rolling off, although there is a pot for the pens she likes to use a few and keep them with her. They said they would prefer to go back to sitting at the dining table. To be honest I was quite relieved as I couldn’t wait to get some space back in my house!!

Maybe my negative view comes from my children already set in their ways of drawing etc at the dining table, this could be brilliant for someone with small children that are starting to draw and paint, that would rather they sat at an easy to clean table of their very own.

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