Great Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Kids can keep busy with most kinds of stimulation that they’re given – some ways can often be considered to be a little too stimulating if they are exposed to them excessively. For example, television, video games and electronic toys are great in sensible doses, but if that’s all that a child has around them, their ability to amuse themselves will likely fall.

This emphasises the importance of well-rounded opportunities for them, so that they can build and develop various life skills that a television, alone, won’t provide. For example, the joys of pretend play are essential to help nurture a child’s mind; imagining fantasy scenarios involving knights, damsels in distress and dragons, with the help of their Imaginext Castle playset can provide hours of fun and stimulation without the need to resort to the TV.

Children need to be able to make their own fun, rather than being overwhelmed with toys and media that can often be too much. Here are some great ways in which children can be kept busy while also helping to boost development across the board.


Rotate their Toys

Rather than slinging every toy that they own into the same box, separate them and rotate them so that there’s less of a selection. It’s inevitable that as they progress through childhood, they will be lavished with all types of toys and, while this is great, it’s also wise to rotate what they have. If your child hasn’t shown an interest in something for a while, move them and reintroduce in a few weeks, creating a less cluttered environment for them to play in.

Use Toy Lending Libraries

These can be fabulous to introduce different playthings to your child without having to spend over the odds. Find your local toy library and take your child along to pick some toys to play with for a while before taking them back swapping them. Chances are they’ll be much busier playing with a toy they’ve never seen before!

Boost their Creativity

Children don’t need toys all the time. Using their imagination and creativity, they can make playthings out of items that aren’t toys. Build a den with household furniture and some old sheets, or provide a dressing up box full of items that aren’t what they’re used to – check the local charity stores for weird and wonderful additions such as handbags, helmets and fabric. Offer them a big box and allow them to use their minds to create something magical – a train, a car, a castle!

Water Play

This is a great way to keep them busy when you’re occupied. Ideal if you’re popping to the shower, grab their step stool, fill the sink in your bathroom with water and bubbles and let them make a splash! Add some of their toy animals or bath toys; it will keep them busy for as long as you need.

The possibilities are endless. From creating treasure hunts and obstacle courses to playing outside with a spade and a wheelbarrow, kids don’t need oodles of toys and cool TV programmes to keep them busy!

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