Horrible Science – Blood, Bones and Body Bits

Horrible Science – Blood, Bones and Body Bits – Review by Princess Sparkle:

I put my 9 year old and her friend to work on this, it looked like great, gruesome fun to them, to me, it looked like my worst nightmare!

You need to stock up on all the ‘ingredients’ you need to create the ‘body bits’etc, so make a list and maybe take a trip to the shop first (already putting you off?!), then you’re ready to start. Generally the kids managed to cope with the instructions without any help despite some of the instructions being a bit tricky to work out, eg, measurements for solids were in mls.

The girls worked really well together and getting each body bit completed kept them keen, they were promised a ‘blood pumping heart and a homemade ‘bottom burp’, unfortunately they got neither. The heart was REALLY messy (do it in your bath!) and the blood was squirting all over the place, out of all the valves, the ‘bottom burp’ was equally disappointing, plenty of gas but no sound! This was the same for all the experiments, they didn’t quite live up to the expectations.

Overall, the girls had a good time following the ‘recipes’ and putting all the ‘bits’ together and learnt a fair bit about how the body works but were really disappointed by the end results. From a parents point of view, it’s not worth the mess!

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