Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Review

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Review – Starter Set and Daredevil Curves Set

Ok, this looked mega complicated when it arrived, but the photos on the box promise quite an exciting toy set up….so out the bits came, including, for once, the instructions! The concept of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks is that you secure the tracks to the walls of your children’s room, which keeps them up off the floor and tidy – a nice neat concept. The tracks can be added to and made bigger, longer and more complicated with more stunts, jumps, ramps, loops, gates and slides. We got the Starter Set plus the Daredevil Curve. The thing that is worth noting is that these require a big area of wall and some sets require a perpendicular wall so that another track can be added at right angles – something I missed…..

The set comes with a template that makes it very, very easy to mark where you place the stickers on the wall that hold the mounts for the track. You don’t have to be exact, but must be pretty close to the right places, as per the template. Once that is done the tracks slide into the mounts and off you go – easy peasy. It really is worth reading the instructions for the sets, but if you get it wrong the stickers for the mounts come off easily enough without damaging your wall, which is nice, and you get some spares in the box.

Did the Grenade like the finished product? Absolutely. This is a great gift, reasonably priced, robust and flexible – easily expanded upon and easy to fix when it great s broken, or torn down by younger siblings! Give it a go, you might be surprised at how fun Hot Wheels Wall sets can be!

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