Labyrinth Anniversary Edition Review

Toy review by Princess Sparkle: Labyrinth Anniversary Edition Review

The Labyrinth Anniversary Edition game looks great in it’s impressive tin and the kids were really keen to get stuck in, however the instructions were a little long winded for them which meant that I had to get more involved in playing it than I would have liked! After reading and re reading the instructions I gave up and we played our own version. First you have to create a maze on the board with the maze cards and share out the treasure cards, the goal is to move your piece through the maze to the treasure that matches the one on your card, the winner is the first to get to all their treasure. There is a slightly different way to play for the older kids, using extra cards but we didn’t bother as my 9 year old point blank refused to play because it looked ‘REALLY boring’.

My 6 year old had a lot of fun working out how she was going to slide the pieces about to create a pathway through the maze to get to her various pieces of treasure, but really it doesn’t get any more exciting than that, a nd already it’s been sidelined for a homemade puppet theatre. Overall, I was a little disappointed, the picture on the tin (the 3D maze and colourful dragons etc) promised so much, but the game for me, didn’t deliver. On the plus side, it IS a lovely tin!


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