Princess Stamp Set Review

Melissa & Doug have got it going on. They have nailed the yummy mummy product market and managed to create toys that will be loved by both parents and children alike. The secret to the yummy mummy’s heart is a toy that looks earthly, yet aesthetic and stylish. Plus the toy needs to be able to absorb the darling child so the yummy mummy can enjoy latte with her yummy mummy chummies whilst at the same time fulfilling her parenting obligations with a toy has some sort of creative and child benefiting function.

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Princess Stamp set fulfill this criteria perfectly. It looks fab so will sit beautifully in the art directed playroom. The wooden box that holds the wooden stamps, pencils and ink pads looks great and even smells of good wood.

The Menace has just spent an hour stamping homemade paper, which I forraged for earlier (that might be a lie – I may have used copier paper, which is not recycled – ssssh!!) until she migrated onto pressing her hand into the ink pads and doing hand prints. Getting bored with that I have just noticed that she has been stamping her face and lips. But it’s ok because I am fairly confident that it’s non toxic ink.

I have just been informed by The Menace that it’s not ink but lipstick. Of course it is – how stupid of me. For yummy mummies everywhere this is a must have for your darling daughter or darling boy (if he’s a princess lover).

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