Top 3 Toys For Your Big Kids

It’s coming to the time of year where we start planning for Christmas.  Yes, we’ve said the C-word Christmas! This is the time of year where the big kids in your life will expect mega presents. This is why we’re talking about it so early, so you can save up to buy his excellent gifts for your big kids.

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1 Electric Bikes or Scooters

The use of electric bikes and scooters has skyrocketed over the last year and this is due to the advancement in technology. Previously electric bikes and scooters had big bulky batteries that need to be charged hours for a small amount of use. However, batteries have improved and become more streamlined which have caused a rise in the demand for electric bikes and scooters. You may think what’s you think what’s the point of having an electric bike or scooter however, they are extremely economical. Unlike cars, they don’t release toxins into the atmosphere and you can travel very far on battery power. The pros to having an electric bike or scooter are that you can use it in a manual mode to save the battery or if the battery dies. This means you won’t have to go and collect your big kid from wherever they are because they will still be able to get home! 

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2 Gel Blaster

Let’s face it, kids like to play with toy guns and have done for many many years. There are so many options for types of toy guns on the market such as; Nerf guns and BB guns. This year, at the top of the market, are Gel Blaster Guns. These guns act a little bit like paintball guns but without the mess and pain, what a plus! Gel Blaster Guns not only get your kids out and a being active, but there is also a large online community where people can discuss and buy add-ons for their Gel Blaster Guns such as Ultimate Gel Blaster Club. These guns don’t shoot bullets they shoot pellets which are very similar to Orbeez which reduces the risk of any injuries. 

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3 Video games

Let’s not pretend that our big kids don’t enjoy video games of any shape, sort or 

variety. Video games keep them entertained for hours on end and by allowing us peace and quiet, as long as they have their headphones on!  There are so many different types of games from war games to adventure games to driving games, that you pretty much can’t go wrong with any type of video game. Big kids enjoy chatting to friends via these games and allow them to communicate with their friends across an online platform. Usually around this time of year news of games that are going to be released at Christmas will come forward in adverts, so just having a conversation with your kids about what games they’re excited about will give you a great idea of what to get. Some of these games do need the right equipment to play such as different controllers but your kids are fountains of knowledge and will tell you exactly what you need!


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