Romantic Things To Do In Jamaica

Jamaica has been known as one of the best destinations which you can explore away with your special someone. You can hop in into Jamaican islands that are complete definitions of the word ‘paradise’. These islands are peppered with romantic hideaways and Jamaica honeymoon villas will definitely be the highlight of your trip. There are great options from water bungalows to all-inclusive hideaways. You will absolutely adore your stay that you wouldn’t want to leave. But of course, you might wonder what are some of the most interesting things to do on this Caribbean paradise aside from lazing out in your villa or resort. Read on to find out.



Watch the Sunset on Seven Mile Beach (Negril)

What is more romantic than watching sunset with your most beloved one? You can enjoy the sunset on Seven Mile Beach and recall sweet and funny memories. This place has been the best beach location which you should be visiting with your partner. You will absolutely feel total relaxation through beach loungers and tranquil picnic areas. This beach is a beautiful long swath of soft sand and along the northwest coast, there is a lot of opportunities to find entertainment. If you are up for some nightlife, a portion of the beach is dedicated for mild beach parties. Sometimes, it is good to mix it up a bit.


Candlelit dinner at The Caves (Negril)

Surprise your special someone to a romantic dinner by the beach. You will fall in love with the location of “The Caves’ which is one of the couple favorites for dinner dates. This place is best to arrange the table set for two with the colorful flowers all around it and the candles romance. You may also want to get exclusive access to the Blackwell Rum Bar in another secret cave which is also on the water’s edge. It is all built by volcanic cliffs and accessible through the coral staircase and footbridge. This is one of the coolest places on the island to enjoy a cocktail with your special someone.


Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

Don’t miss out on the fun of swimming in the Blue Lagoon at the Port Antonio. This place has been known as one of the mos tranquil spots that has hosted generations of celebrity visitors. This location is around 200 feet deep that is the mixture of fresh spring and salt water that makes the alternating warm and cool temperatures. You can also catch the breathtaking blue hue that changes on with the position of the sun.

Catch the Raft of the Amazing Martha Brae River (Montego Bay)

A raft of the amazing Martha Brae river has been situated into the Trelawny parish that is a short ride from Montego Bay as being the village features six acres of landscaped gardens, as well as a bar, swimming pool, and restroom facility.  It has been surrounded by the beauty of the beautiful rainforest scenery of the trip. It hence takes about an hour to reach this destination easily.

Snorkeling at Montego Bay Marine Park

You can also do exciting snorkeling at Montego Bay Marine Park (Montego Bay) that is fun to visit it all year round.  You will be witnessing out with the tons of tropical sea creatures that are to be seen here. Do not miss out the chance of spending the Sunday at the spot of the Lovers Leap. You can make the choice of this location that is almost 1,700-foot cliff rather than face separation. It is all carried out all in the medium range of the unparalleled view from the top as being the Port Authority erected a lighthouse at the top of the cliff. You can make the visit at the weekly basis of the landmark to enjoy live music, as well as dancing and local cuisine set just as on the timeline of being against the backdrop of one of the best views in the Caribbean.


Cranbrook Flower Forest

This is pure flower paradise. It measures over 130 acres that houses exotic flowers and well-manicured gardens. You can stroll around a replica of a old village called Arawak and visit a beautiful pagoda that sit perfectly overlooking a river. You can take a short trail and immerse yourself into nature. You can even take a dip in one of the natural pools to refresh. If you are looking for adventures, you can do a zipline tour through the forest.

Dolphin Cove Nature Trail Hike

Take time to wander around Dolphin Cove Nature Trail Hike. There are trails that does not require any technical level in hiking which means you can leisurely walk around while taking your time. There are tons of exciting creatures you can see such as gentle snakes, birds, reptiles, etc.

This is not the end at all. By watching around you can explore away with so many of the locations and destinations with the couple to make the tour much more exciting. You would love visiting this destination with your partner next time as well might be with your kids next time in Jamaica. No doubt, Jamaica is more than what everyone says about its beauty. You will definitely experience it with your eyes and nothing makes it less than a blessing when your partner is with you. It will definitely make your honeymoon or traveling as a couple incredible but its purity and loveliness. It is time to make some memories.


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