Travel: School’s Out For Summer #BritsAbroad

According to AutoEurope most Brits will drink 56 alcoholic drinks, have 4 rows and moan about being too hot 8 times during an average fortnight abroad!

This won’t be me! I love the sun and two week holiday – pah! This year we are spending three weeks in the sun and we won’t be complaining about the heat. Well, I won’t be anyway – the British summer has been slow coming this year, and whilst it’s here at the moment, it still seems to defy the weather forecasters and rains when it’s supposed to be sunny. I will relish the heat and bask in it like a beached whale. My son, however, no doubt, will complain about the heat 8 times a minute!

Blimey –  56 alcoholic drinks in a two week holiday. That’s only 4 drinks a day – it’s possible that this statistic is grossly under-estimated! Only 4 rows – are these people not going on holiday with their spouse and children. It’s likely we would have had 14 rows before we even get to the airport!!

For more #FunFacts check out the infographic below.

Happy Holidays folks – see you on the other side.




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