Top Tips To Make Your Campervan Feel Like A Home Away From Home

We didn’t think it would happen. But the sun has hit the Great British Isles. And with the holiday season right around the corner, it’s around about time to start thinking about where we’re all getting away. 

Coronavirus might have scuppered holiday plans for most of us. While we can get away to some extent, it requires many hoops to be jumped through. The safer bet is to embrace the staycation phenomenon. It’s been around for a while, but it’s become a mainstay thanks to the pandemic. And you don’t have to give up the feeling of luxury and escape if you opt for a staycation either. 

The popularity of staycations hitting overdrive means many people have invested in van conversions to get on the road with ease. But sometimes it doesn’t hit the luxurious heights we want on holiday. Or it doesn’t have a dedicated space for the kids’. Whether you’ve gone for a van conversion, opted for a motorhome, or gone the whole hog and invested in an RV, there are ways to get a piece of home away.

Here are some great tips to make your home on wheels feel more like a home away from home. 

Image by Ylanite Koppens via Pexels

  1. Decorate Like It’s Your Home

It’s easy to fall into the trap of decorating our home on wheels just like that. As if it is just a motorhome. But that doesn’t make it feel like home.

So top of the list for giving your van conversion home vibes is to decorate it just like that. As if it IS your home. You want your home on the road to have that little extra that you can boast about. The easiest way to make it feel like your own home is to decorate the walls. Because you don’t stare at blank walls all day when you’re relaxing in your own house, do you? 

Art prints and slogans in lightweight frames are the easiest way to give the walls a bit of extra flavour. And you don’t need nails to get them hung. Instead, opt for adhesive hangers and to keep them from swinging, try out some mounting putty

  1. Spend Money On Comfort

Don’t scrimp when it comes to home comforts for your RV or van conversion. Spend money on quality mattresses and sofa cushions. You’ll notice the difference immediately as you sink into the softy cushiony comfort of your now luxurious bed set up.

The same goes for other home comforts. Get blankets and your favourite slippers to really get that home away from home feel. Having a little bit of your own home goes a long way to amp up the feeling of relaxation. 

  1. Get Online

We all think that going on holiday means quality time with the family and a chance to unplug from our devices. But the internet is a mainstay of modern life. And being able to get online doesn’t mean you’re making a choice between where your attention goes. 

There’s plenty of great stuff you can do with the family when you have access to the internet. And thanks to the Great British weather, there will be plenty of times you thank your lucky stars that you had a good internet connection. Think snuggly movie nights in or maybe even a family gaming competition.

And you’d be surprised how easy it is to get internet to your RV. There’s satellite, public WiFi, cellular data, and even ways to get DSL or cable options to your motorhome. So make sure you research the best internet options for RVers and choose the best one for your situation. 

  1. Music Is The Food Of Love

Being able to blast out your favourite songs when you’re on the road can make a huge difference to the feeling of your campervan environment. Who doesn’t love cooking up a family’s favourite meal while dancing away to a cherished playlist? 

Being able to pop some music on is also great for releasing tensions if times get tough. Because, let’s face it, being on the road with family in a confined space can be difficult. So invest in a decent speaker system for your home on wheels. 

  1. Upgrade Your Bathroom Game

Nothing makes you feel more like you’re roughing it than a bathroom that screams van conversion. So if you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom in your caravan or motorhome, step up the bathroom game a bit.

Go for bathroom accessories that look good but are also unbreakable. You want that luxury feel without any breakages, so be shopping savvy. And don’t get cheap towels just because you’re in a van. Having the same towels as the ones you have a home will make you feel great at the end of the day. 

  1. Let The Kids Get Creative

If the kids are going on the road with you, let them take creative license of their space. Letting them be in charge of the personalisation means they’ll have something familiar from home. And that can be integral if you plan on spending a longer time in the campervan than a few weeks. Plus, it always feels good for your kids to take part in creating a home away from home. It’s their home, too, after all. 

  1. Get Nostalgic

Nothing reminds you more of home than trinkets and souvenirs. Bring them into your motorhome, too, for ultimate home comfort. It could be family pictures, kids’ drawings, or a few cherished bits and bobs that remind you of home. 

When you’ve made a few trips in your beautiful new RV or van conversion, place some of those memories into the space too. It’ll remind you of great past trips and makes the whole family look forward to the next adventure!

Image by Nubia Navarro via Pexels

Food For Thought

No matter what home on wheels you’ve got, hopefully now you see how attainable a bit of luxury and home is on the road. With a bit of creativity, a bit of time, and a sprinkle of inspiration from your own house, anything is possible. And it means that you can embrace holidays on the road with open arms and ease.

Do you have any great tips for creating a caravan that feels more like a home away from home? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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