First Vendée Globe LIVE from Les Sables d’Olonne – Alex Thomson is surprised JPDick may carry on!

Talk about hitting the ground running! So I arrive at Les Sables d’Olonne at 2240h late last night and then it’s settle in unpack and start the day at 7am with the early morning press release. With 10 minutes to get my bearings at 10am it’s straight into the pre-records and then write the LIVE show. Then new stage, new set and bigger space and bam straight into the LIVE with former Vendée Globe winner Alain Gautier. A long chat with a very surprised Alex Thomson who clearly hasn’t been told the Jean Pierre Dick who lost his keel yesterday and is currently sat in third place is considering not abandoning the race. It’s a nail biter!!!

There’s only a 100 miles between first and second! Gabrt looks like he has it in the bag but you can’t rule anything out in this crazy race!!

Catch up here with today’s LIVE!

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