Vendée Globe LIVE 9th January the one with Emmanuel Petit who is a footballer apparently – who knew?

So the way it works with the Vendée Globe LIVE is French sportsman turns up at the Race HQ I generally don’t have a scoobies who they are. 10 minutes before I go on and we think let’s ask them if they speak English and if they are willing to stay on for the English show. If they do, then I have exactly 1.5 minutes to establish who they are, what they do and how to pronounce their name whilst assembling my microphone and ear piece.

Hence the slightly Heath Robinson approach to the show. Today, I was blessed with an International, French footballing superstar called Emmanuel Petit, who I did not have the foggiest who he was. But apparently, he played football for Chelsea and Arsenal and scored the last minute winning goal in the World Cup final in 1998 against Brazil so he is very big licks – I learn retrospectively!!

More tomorrow. Touts xxxxxx

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