Watch the Vendée Globe winners come home with commentary by Matthew Pryor

The delectable journalist Matthew Pryor’s dulect tones will talk you through the Vendée Globe finish line and the arrival into the Port Olona in Les Sables d’Olonne – watch the action LIVE here.

Francois Gabart is expected to cross the finish line at 9.30am GMT and to make his way down the canal in a victory procession at 1pm GMT.

And the 5-6 hours later – watch it all again for Armel Le Clèac’h the second place boat.

Vendée Globe Live (english version) par VendeeGlobeTV


  1. I am forced to comment on the abysmal commentary on the Vendee.
    Not only is the translation from French nonsense at times, it also becomes hysterical to an extent as to be childish. As a former TV and newspaper jounalist, may i suggest thst you, at least, run it past a professional English commentator before airing the programme.
    The excellence of the film coverage is blighted by the spoken word, when it should be enhanced by it

    1. I wish I could have influenced it but unfortunately it was outside of my control. The race is a French event and there are no internationals within the management.

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