I am proud to be a feminist

During the summer hols met up with some military wife muckers and we hung out. We were chewing the fat and the topic of feminism came up. Both of my lovely chums told me that they weren’t feminists.

“What?” I nearly choked on my ice cream.
They then went to explain that they didn’t feel the need to be feminists because they were happy with their choices.

I asked them. “So you think that men deserve more power and choice then women and that women should do as they are told?”

They replied that they didn’t think that at all but that they were happy with their choices and therefore didn’t have the need to be feminists. They were happy to stay at home and look after the children because they wanted to be in charge of every aspect of the child rearing. Both of them are very happily married.

I said, “but that doesn’t mean that you are not feminists. It is your right to choose. On some level that is part of a feminist philosophy. You are not a feminist if you think women are not equal to men and that men are superior to women.”

It turned out they just didn’t feel the need to go on about it. It was as if ‘Feminism’ is a dirty word. Something to be ashamed of but I am proud to be a feminist. My friends are lucky because they have the choice and they can choose their destiny. In their eyes they have equality and so if it doesn’t impact their wants and needs then there is no need for us to speak openly about feminism.

Unfortunately, I beg to differ and it’s not working for me so I am going to keep banging the feminist drum. So much so that I have designed a sweatshirt:

Are you a feminist proud and loud? Or are you a secret feminist? Or do you think there is ‘no need Gromit’ for feminism as society is equal? Would you wear the sweatshirt, or would you be too ashamed to declare your affinity to the sisterhood?


  1. Listen love, I suggest you just sit back and count yourself lucky you don’t live in an Islamic society that has no respect for the female race. It’s very equal nowadays in Britain so stop compaining and enjoy what you have.

  2. Equal in Britain? Gosh, I must have missed that! Actually, having lived in an Islamic society for many years I think that there are certain elements of it that are more respectful of women than Western society, I said SOME elements, not all.

    Why should feminism be a dirty word? I’d wear your hoodie

  3. No I wouldn’t wear the sweatshirt, or declare an affinity to the sisterhood. No society is not equal. That said ‘feminist’ somehow has a godawful ring to it. Too many associations with hairy legged Greenham Commoners with pubic beards not to mentio the literary nutters aligned with it I suppose like Andrea Dworkin ‘intercourse is rape’, Naomi Woolf ‘makeup oppresses women’, Camille Paglia ‘nuttier tan squirrel shit’ etc. I read all that stuff at college, was force fed it in the courses more or less. It colours your view of life and makes you think all men are oppressors. Frankly they are not ….and it gives a negative outlook on life.

    We probably need a newer more funky up to date word. Go to it PR Girl!

  4. So you think all women who refuse to embrace this marxist ideology consider themselves inferior to men? That’s ridiculous. Maybe we have nothing to prove, don’t feel oppressed and don’t want to be at war with men. Feminism is distructive. It’s all about fighting, smashing (patriarchy) and so on. And that’s even without the “right” to murder one’s unborn babies…

    1. The question is this – do you think men and women are equal? Do you think women are inferior to men? Maybe you don’t feel oppressed but I do. Feminism is about change not destruction. I think the systems need changing to reflect the wants and needs of modern society. Change is inevitable – you can’t look back. I embrace change.

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