Real Life: Unsupportive Wife Ruins Soldier’s Career

Recently, over lunch I heard an interesting tale about a military drink’s party where the military top brass were bitching like twittering birds amongst their peers about the disappointment they felt that a young, up and coming soldier, who had the potential to become a General, was throwing in his military towel and joining civvy street.

The words being uttered from the dusty, draconian military hierarchy were that the aforementioned soldier had an ‘unsupportive wife’. This was met with great disdain that this horrendous creature could be curtailing the career of such a fine soldier.

Wife ruins soldier husband's career
Wife ruins soldier husband’s career

Our friend who was relaying the story took it upon himself to dig a little deeper to unearth the truth behind this woeful tale. After barely digging at all he discovered that the reality was very different than the propagandist positioning being spread by the bitter beasts.

The soldier had been offered a ‘three line whip’ tour to Germany (he had no choice). His wife, who was a PAEDIATRIC ONCOLOGIST at a leading London hospital, was not willing to sacrifice her career to support his. As she was SAVING THE LIVES OF CHILDREN WHO HAVE CANCER and, also the main breadwinner, they both decided that her career took precedence over his military career. How very unsupportive of the evil succubus!

Yes; but don’t worry folks the military is a really progressive place and it doesn’t need reform at all. Despite being managed by many dinosaur, misogynist, traditionalists who don’t have the agility and vision to devise a military environment that creates mission focussed operational effectiveness and also, responds to the rapidly evolving society from which it recruits and performs within.

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Clare Macnaughton; a modern military mother; a feminist, British military spouse, and lifestyle journalist, writing about real life adventures.

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