Reasons to Play Bingo

Image by Mike Licht,
Image by Mike Licht,

Bingo is a game that has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity since it went online – and now there are more than 100 million online bingo players around the world. Bingo has always been popular but it used to appeal more to a niche sector of the population – namely older ladies who could spend the afternoon or evening down at the local bingo hall two or three times a week. Online bingo, on the other hand, appeals to anyone and everyone and there are plenty of reasons why.


You can play online bingo whenever you feel like it. If you are an insomniac and login to your favourite site in the middle of the night, there’ll be a game about to start in the next few minutes. When you’re bored with the usual fodder that British TV channels have on offer and you can’t go out because you’ve got kids asleep upstairs in bed, click onto a bingo site and you’ll be getting value entertainment in moments. You can even play online bingo as you travel – on the bus or train on the way to and from work – as many bingo sites now have mobile apps so you can play on your smartphone.


Bingo has always been a cheap game to play, but now it’s better value than ever. For tiny stakes – many games only start out at 5p – you can stand to win amazing, life-changing amounts of money. Moreover, you can now play real games without putting any of your own money down. Online casinos have a lot of option on offer. For example, play no deposit bingo at simply by signing up and registering a debit or credit card. You’ll be given £5 to play with for free. And if you decide to put your own money into a bingo account, a small amount will buy you a lot of games (and therefore entertainment) so there’s no need to feel guilty about spending a bit of money on bingo now and then. Also, once you’re a player who’s made a deposit, you’ll be entitled to join in the free bingo games that have real cash jackpots to play for.


Staying at home with the kids all the time isn’t always fun. Sometimes you long for another adult to have a conversation with. Online bingo is great for this! As the game plays itself once you’ve bought a ticket, you don’t need to sit concentrating on the number calls – the software marks any matching numbers on your ticket for you. This leaves you free to enter the bingo chat rooms and see which other players are online and ready for a natter. And when you’re in the chat rooms, there are lots of other things to keep you busy – like the chat games that the chat moderator runs. Some people win more in the chat games than they do on the tickets they’ve bought for the scheduled bingo games, so it’s always worth joining in whatever’s going on.

Whatever your reason for playing online bingo, you’re bound to have fun while you’re doing it!


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