The Signs that it’s Time for a Career Change

Are you questioning whether you want to change careers? Many people change career paths for many different reasons. As we get older, often our career goals and values will change. This can be due to a shift in interests that you’d like to have involved in your work, make more money, be more flexible, or just working on something that you’re truly passionate about. Before you decide to just quit your job, you’ll need to evaluate your current situation and find out how you’re feeling about this and what can be done to achieve the new career change.

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You’re underperforming

As each day goes on, you’re becoming more disconnected from your work. Mentally speaking, you’re gone and have lost all love and passion for what you used to do. This can happen due to your work environment, but if you’re still struggling with it even if you like your co-workers and boss then it means it’s the work that you do.  It may be best to begin the reevaluating role in your office.

You dread your work

While it’s normal to be tired of what you do from time to time, if you’re constantly dreading it then it means that you need to make some changes. If your projects no longer excite you and if your achievements aren’t bringing joy, then it’s time to think about other areas of work that may align better with what you want.

You daydream about starting over

One of the clear signs of wanting to change your career is the thought of starting over. The thought of giving a two weeks’ notice excites you so you can pursue other jobs. Maybe even the thought of moving abroad and speaking with immigration lawyers brings a lot of excitement for the possibilities of changes.

Your salary just isn’t enough

This doesn’t only mean that you’re probably not paid sufficiently for your time. It can also mean that even with a good paycheck, it isn’t enough to make you feel satisfied with your work. While your job may provide financial stability, you may feel as if you’re wasting your true potential on what tasks you currently do at your job.

Figure out what it’s going to take

Is there a certain career that you want to jump ship to? If you’re lacking in certain skills, do you know what you’ll need to get to this new career that you’re eyeing? Will it take a degree? Certifications? Licenses? How about classes? You will want to outline what resources you’ll have to use to get you to where you want to go.

Create a plan

You’ll need to make an action plan, and it’s best to have this done in small milestones such as acquiring skills, networking with the right people, and wrapping up your current job. Slowly complete tasks so you can properly take care of each one.

Keep track

You’ll need to monitor how you’re doing and what you’ll need to do next. It’s important to write down how you’re doing and how far you’ve gone. Writing down these milestones and tracking both your professional and personal life will help shed clarity on what you need to achieve next.

Consider a job in the same industry

Maybe it’s just your position and the work you were doing that left you so unsatisfied. One tip to boost your career would be to stay in the same industry and utilize the knowledge you already have. 


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