Unlikely Accidents: Where You Don’t Expect To Be Injured

Danger is all around us, but there are some places where you expect the risk of injury more than others. Recognising that danger could strike at any point is the first step in protecting yourself from harm, but where are some of the most unexpected places where you could be injured?

The hospital

You would think that a hospital is a fairly safe place to be, considering that it is where you go to receive medical treatment. However, recent figures from Scotland show that over 100,000 people have been injured in Scottish hospitals over the past four years alone.

The figures, reported in The Daily Record, explained that this put average injury figures at 64 per day. This accounted for injuries sustained by patients, staff, visitors and even students or those undergoing training.

The laboratory

For anyone working with dangerous substances, a high level of safety is expected, in order to prevent accidents. However, figures from the chemical industry revealed that there are many equipment failures caused by human and organisational errors.

One in five accidents caused by failed equipment name human error as the cause, with piping systems, reactors and storage tanks the equipment most likely to fail. These errors can be particularly severe, because of the dangerous nature of the substances being dealt with.

The office

Workplaces in general are very dangerous places to be with 1.1 million accidents and illnesses being reported by the HSE in 2011/12. There are countless examples of employees being injured due to poor training, inadequate safety equipment and negligence, but these are not the only dangers.

Stepping away from physical injuries for a second, the number of psychological disorders connected with workplace stressors also constitutes a large proportion of work-related injuries. Stress made up 40 per cent of work-related illnesses in 2011/2012, with 428,000 cases. This was labelled Britain’s “£26 billion epidemic” by The Independent in 2010.

Dealing with the risks

The bottom line is that you are always at risk of accident or injury, wherever you are. Staying vigilant is the best way to reduce your risk of being injured and here are a few steps you should take to look after yourself:

• Always evaluate the risks of a given area and make your personal safety a priority.

• Follow all safety guidelines in place at any location to reduce your risk of accident.

Enquire about health and safety regulations at places of work or other places if you’re concerned that procedures are not being followed correctly.

• Consult with personal injury lawyers to establish where you are entitled to claim on a no win no fee basis, for injuries you sustain as the result of an accident that was not your fault.








  1. Speaking as a guy who has once nailed his own hand to a wall (How I wish I were joking) and who now does his own stitches to save time in A&E, I wish I had read this year’s ago.

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