What’s Missing From Your Self Employed Work Schedule?

Being self employed is a big deal; you can do a variety of different jobs as your own boss, and build your own business out of a simple idea you once had in your head. However, at some point, you’re going to get into a simple working routine, one that keeps you on track and keeps your profits at a steady line. 

But with this routine, you’re going to be missing a few things from your work schedule. You won’t have made time for them, simply because you rarely think about them, and that means you’ll never get round to making your business bigger and better. So, let’s think about this a little more.

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Some Focus on the Numbers

The numbers of your business usually refer to profit and loss – are you keeping as close an eye on them as you should be? After all, they’re what makes and breaks your business, and without the relevant accountancy skills, it can be hard to properly balance the books at the end of the month. 

What did it cost to get started? How far have you come, in terms of profits? Where are the gaps in your current working model? Are some clients better than others? Do you need to dedicate some more time to answering these questions to make your work worth it? Add it all up, and get into the right headspace for auditing yourself in this manner. 

Time for Making Connections

Making connections is a big part of being self employed. After all, when you’ve got the right names and numbers in the phone book, you’ll never be short of options in your career. You’ll have suppliers and supporters, as well as event coordinators and supplementary services all on your side, and all thanks to the time you took to pop up and say hello! 

Which is why it’s important to focus a little more of your time and energy on making a connection. For example, if you need delivery services, Shiply has plenty, and you’d know it with a bit of research! Thankfully, there are many networking sites that make it easier to connect with the right people and services, so all you need to do is come up with an elevator pitch

A Dedicated Work Space

And finally, if you’re not working in a dedicated space for your self employed business, you’re definitely going to want to dedicate some time to creating one for yourself. You need to be able to focus, and work without distractions, and that’s not going to happen in the middle of the living room!

You need a separate office space, even if you don’t have a spare room. Keep your office from the rest of the room it’s in – usually this can be done using the space under the staircase or a dividing wall. You could also set up a very simple screen that you can pull back and forth. 

What’s missing from your self employed working schedule? 


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