‘A Blog With Substance’ and an unexpected inquisition (a bit like the Spanish one)

Maranda at My Camo Coloured Life has given me an award. Thank you so much for this award. I am sincerely flattered and honoured to have this bestowed upon my humble little blog.

Now, winning an award does not come for free. It is now my duty to pass on the bloggy love.

Here are the rules that go along with accepting this award:

The Rules:
~ Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
~ Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
~ Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

My blogging philosophy in 5 words or less:

Keeping it real

Ten other blogs that I believe have substance:
(this is not quite 10, only 6 sorry!)

In no particular order:

Vegemite Vix
Notes from Lapland
Katy Wheatley
From Marketing to Milk
London City Mum

I pass this award on with love and friendship. This is the sentiments of blogging I applaud not rankings and ranklings of maniacal heirarchical heretics.

JFB57 has also asked me to do this answering question thingy and so obligingly I will do so.

These are the questions:

1. Are you a meticulous planner?

Yes – I am Monica from Friends. A crazy, obsessive compulsive, control freak. Although I am the fat version of Monica not the skinny one.

2. Do you wear make-up & if so how much & how often?

Yes, I wear make up. Only when I work or party. A light coating for work and a somewhat heavier application for the partying.

3. What, if anything, do you wear in bed?

I wear an old pair of pyjama bottoms, which are stopped from falling down with a Pampered Chef clip, which you should use to seal pasta, and not stop your pjs from falling down, matched with a fetching, XL t-shirt from our BVI sailing expedition, pre-kids. I am one hot sexy mama of sultry seductiveness as you can tell. However, until my 2 year sleeps through the night and I am not a risk of being vomitted on, pee-ed on or have milk thrown all over me, I am not planning upgrading my PJs anytime soon.

4. Look over your right shoulder. What do you see?

Hagar’s butt – he is bending over sweeping up crumbs, and, The Menace’s butt – as she is stood on the counter raiding the snack cupboard. I am in the kitchen.

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be?

A thoroughbred race horse, which has passed its prime and eaten too many pies.

6. What film would you have liked a staring role in?

Bugsy Malone – I loved that film and I love food fights

7.Jimmy Steward or Cary Grant?

Cary Grant (when he was younger because he’s dead and that would make me a necrophiliac, which I am not.)

8.Do you swear in front of children?

Yes. I have taught my 7 year old that ‘it’s do as I say not as I do’ and he promises me faithfully that he would never swear. He is very sanctimonious about his verbal purity. Long may it continue. My 2 year old is not speaking much yet. Although it’s probably time to stop as she kept saying ‘shit’ for most of yesterday. I accidentally swear in front of others people’s children. I forget that children have ears for adult conversation.

9. Do you knit or sew or do any other womanly craft?


10. Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook prolificly. I tweet a bit.


I am passing on this Inquisition meme to the following bloggers who vill answer zee questions!

Vegemite Vix
Notes from Lapland
My Camo Coloured Life


  1. Oh thanks you for the award! I love badges!

    As for your answers – I want a picture of those PJs & I’m still laughing at the rtace horse! My son was in Bugsy. He was the radio announcer & almost fell off the trolley they wheeled him in on!

    What’s you twitter id then?

  2. Oh BRILLIANT answers, absolutely love the vision of your PJs held up with the clip.

    And thanks for the award. Blogging (for me, and it would appear also for you) is all about having fun and sharing anecdotes and things that make you laugh.

    I love having followers and receiving comments but quite frankly even if it was just the neighbour’s dog stopping by to lift his leg occasionally I would not give a monkey’s.

    LCM x

    1. Hell yes – for fun and to showcase my writing but not rankings! I am serious about it though – I can’t lie. I have been hanging out a bit in the USA blog communities and it’s so much less visceral.

      The people pics are my favourite. I am looking forward to your Cybermummy debrief.

  3. okay, so now we really need to see a picture of these pj’s. ha ha

    I am notoriously crap at remembering to do these things, and have a couple of them outstanding already, but I shall do my best and try to come up with some interesting answers for you. will have to do LCM’s first, or she might kill me.

    Aand thank you for the award thingy. To be considered a blog of substance means a lot 🙂

  4. Ohh! Thank you. I do love a shiny award with a picture. I shall do it tomorrow. you are a love and a poppet, and I think you may have stolen my pjs. Although I have to wear mine with a fetching anti grinding mouth guard. I am sex on a stick. That’s for sure.x

  5. Hey lady! I just wanted to let you know I FINALLY answered your questions! Please! No more torture!!! Don’t make me look at you in those pajamas anymore! LOL! But seriously…where’s the picture?? We’re waiting!! ::taps foot impatiently::

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